AIM Billing Software

AIM Billing software streamlines your billing and accounts receivable process with time-saving features that make coding, bill transmission, reporting, and payment posting more efficient. This flagship product has earned the praise of EMS managers everywhere.

Install the software On-Site, or access it via the Web with the AIM Online package that includes version updates, disaster recovery, security and backup for one affordable monthly fee.


Here are just a few of the benefits of AIM Billing Software:

Bill transports with complete records real-time in just a few clicks.

Stop wasting your time re-typing the same information over and over again. AIM Billing does the work automatically, improving your efficiency.

Cut turnaround time in half with electronic insurance claims submission.

Improve your cash-flow situation by reducing the amount of time you have to wait for payment.

Locate records quickly using powerful search features.

AIM Billing software has a speedy search function that means you can easily find the information you're looking for.

Save major data entry time.

Batch-post payments, adjustments, contractual allowances and refunds to numerous accounts with a single transaction.

View reports on individual patient accounts and your entire Accounts Receivable picture.

Get a clear view of your revenue picture and know exactly where you stand, all with a few clicks. 

Automatic data validation feature prevents incomplete and denied claims.

Always know that your claims are complete and accurate before you send them -- and get paid on time.

Integrates with AIM ePCR Software to cut the time it takes you to go from trip to getting paid.

AIM Billing Software and AIM ePCR Software work together to cut data entry time and effortlessly streamline your data flow. 

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AIM Billing Testimonial

"When I started using the AIM system 13 years ago I was truly a "green" EMS biller. It didn't take me long though to figure out the program and how to make it work to fit our service's needs.

Through the years I have seen many improvements, many updates and many changes. I can say though that adjusting to the changes was made very easy by the support staff. Never once have I contacted support either by phone or e-mail that they haven't gotten back with me by the end of the day. How they keep their professional and friendly attitude, though, I'll never know. The support staff always made and still makes me feel like I'm important to them and no question or problem is too silly. Thanks guys for all you do!

The sales team is also #1 in my book. They have always been able to help me with the contracts, advise me as to what modules would work best for me, and sell them for a reasonable price.

I am from a small rural ambulance service, but I recommended this system to a larger service and they absolutely love the program. They had to change programs because the one they had been using was getting too expensive to use - you don't have to worry about that with the AIM system.

To sum it up, no matter how large or small your organization is, the AIM system is what you need! If you want a billing program that is user friendly, has a top-notch support team and is also very affordable, your wish is granted when you join the many satisfied users of the AIM system."

Jamie M. Sewell
Warren County EMS


Electronically submit invoices to insurance
A large narrative tab for all those notes
Patient data collected during dispatch or transport is already in there for billing

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We like the new AIM Batch Posting feature in Billing as it has reduced our bill posting time in half. The cost of the Batch Posting feature has already paid for itself, due to the reduction time of bill posting. We have found the Batch Posting feature very easy to use now that the batch post billing by service date...

Economy Ambulance 

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