About AIM

AIM EMS Software & Services is the industry’s most customer success-driven provider of software and billing services for EMS agencies. AIM offers advanced, flexible solutions that empower agency operations to improve visibility, efficiency, and profitability. As the single source of affordable, easy-to-use, and configurable dispatch, ePCR, and billing software modules and a reliable partner in billing services, AIM helps EMS organizations deliver care that supports sustainable growth.

Find everything you need to successfully manage your EMS agency from our suite of EMS software and billing services. Support in-house efforts or let AIM manage specific tasks. And with our hybrid model, you can choose from individual software modules and billing services or combine options for your specific EMS operations.

Learn more about what makes us different from other EMS software and billing service providers.


Easy to Use EMS Software


Integrated EMS Workflow Solutions


EMS Billing Services & Expert Guidance

The Single Source of Affordable EMS Software & Billing Services

Compliant EMS Software with Easy-to-Use Features

Don’t waste money on unnecessary features that add complexity to your processes and increase your agency’s cost. AIM’s software for dispatch, ePCR, and billing come with an optimized set of easy-to-use features that automate and improve everyday operations and help your team stay productive. HIPAA compliant, cloud deployed, and accessible from any location, our software modules deliver integrated process flows across all of your operations that result in lower costs and greater profitability.

Simple & Scalable Integrated Workflow Solutions

Save valuable time and energy and increase your agency’s efficiency with an integrated suite of EMS software and services that help you streamline your dispatch, patient care, billing, and revenue cycle management (RCM). Finally find essential EMS solutions at affordable price points that make sense for your size and unique needs. With AIM, you can take the simpler approach to smooth agency operations by choosing the technology and support options that work best for your team and truly unify your operational efforts.

EMS Billing Services & Expert Guidance

Get help from a knowledgeable team of EMS billing specialists and experts to make the most of your revenue cycle management (RCM) and incorporate best practices in your agency’s patient care documentation and billing processes. AIM offers outsourced EMS billing services, billing consulting and assessments, and revenue cycle management (RCM) that create a clear path to better team performance and revenue outcomes. Feel confident and secure about the future of your agency with an experienced EMS billing partner at your side.

The AIM Customer Experience

AIM’s proven customer experience process begins with an in-depth discovery of your EMS agency’s current condition. We get familiar with your team and listen closely before developing custom solutions guaranteed to improve your EMS workflow. Then we walk you through the implementation and use of our software and services, providing dedicated support every step of the way.


How We Work With You

1. Discovery

2. Planning

3. Onboarding

6. Optimization

5. Evaluation

4. Implementation

The AIM Customer Experience

Our proven process begins with an in-depth discovery of your EMS agency’s current condition. We get familiar with your team and listen closely before developing a custom solution guaranteed to improve your EMS workflow. Then we walk you through the implementation and use of our software and services, providing dedicated support every step of the way.

We’re committed to delivering exceptional dispatch, ePCR, and billing software, as well as expert EMS billing services designed to maximize your profitability and long-term success.

Discover | Planning | Onboarding | Implementation | Evaluation | Optimization
How We work with you

1. Discovery

We examine your existing processes and problems to determine the tools that will improve your operations. Geography, state regulations, payer mix, and countless other factors give all EMS providers unique challenges to solve.

2. Planning

We work closely with you to customize a plan that satisfies your long-term goals. Whether you want to boost revenue, reduce expenses, streamline workflows, or maintain compliance, we build a solution that helps you meet your objectives.

3. Onboarding

We connect you with a dedicated customer success team to manage your custom plan. For perfect alignment from the start, we organize an introductory call to set expectations and kick off the solution implementation process.

4. Implementation

We guide you through software and service implementation every step of the way. We conduct hands-on training for dispatch, ePCR, and billing software and offer help with payer enrollment, QA, report management, workflows, and more.

5. Evaluation

We monitor your agency’s performance, evaluate our service delivery, and make any adjustments needed for ideal operational outcomes. We follow up with any interactions you have with our team to go above and beyond your expectations.

6. Optimization

We apply proactive measures to continuously optimize your solutions. We provide ongoing education, identify new opportunities for process improvement, and share best practices to keep your organization relevant and future-focused.

Our History

AIM EMS Software & Services is a 100% privately owned US company with national operations headquartered in Pennsylvania. For more than three decades, we have delivered exceptional products and services, expanding our line of EMS software over the years and adding contracted services for professional billing. We serve nationwide customers in government, private, voluntary, hospital-based, and fire and police linked ambulance services with work that has earned us the highest customer retention rates in the EMS pre-hospital market.

AIM stands out in the industry as a provider whose solutions are integrated, affordable, and easy to use—an achievement made possible only through a deep understanding of modern EMS challenges and our team’s experience in information technology and service delivery. AIM knows that EMS organizations vary in structure, size, and service capabilities, so we’re dedicated to developing software that is scalable, cost-effective, and manageable for all.

AIM is a proud member of the American Ambulance Association and several state industry associations.

Our Values@2x

Our Values

At AIM, we employ a dynamic, results-driven methodology to ensure we develop, deploy, and support products that are high-quality and cost-effective. It’s important that we take the time to understand the real needs of the pre-hospital community to offer superior solutions and service. We believe it’s a privilege to use our talents to help caregivers and professionals overcome EMS technology and billing operations barriers today and provide lifesaving services. Because of this, our value system creates a work environment that emphasizes social responsibility and gives AIM team members the freedom to grow intellectually, spiritually, and financially.

Our Partners

We value our partnerships with several organizations that help us deliver value-added technology solutions to our customers.


AIM Testimonials

AIM’s support staff has always made it easy to adjust to a change. Never once have I contacted support either by phone or e-mail that they haven’t gotten back with me by the end of the day. How they keep their professional and friendly attitude, though, I’ll never know. The support staff always made and still makes me feel like I’m important to them and no question or problem is too silly

- Warren County EMS

Working with AIM Software Systems has been a great experience. We are very satisfied with the products, services, and customer support that AIM provides. It is the most user-friendly software I have ever used. We can make changes on the fly and use it to fit our needs

- Johnston County EMS

I am challenged daily with solving payor related issues. Most of the time I can resolve these issues myself, but when I’ve met my match, I know I can always count on AIM’s wonderful Support staff and their market knowledge to save the day. Their support and dedication to the customer is always 100%- always with the attitude that they will go 10 extra miles for me. I can always count on them to help me with any issue I throw their way.

- Clovis Fire Department