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Increase Revenue & Improve Reimbursement Time with Ambulance Billing Experts

Feel confident knowing that ambulance billing professionals are managing the critical details so that your agency is getting paid and staying compliant.

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Ambulance Billing Experts | EMS Billing Processes Managed

Gain Financial Peace of Mind Knowing Our Ambulance Billing Experts Are Managing Your EMS Billing

Ambulance Billing Experts | EMS Billing Processes Managed

Get paid quicker and enhance your cash flow with AIM’s NAAC-certified Ambulance Billing Experts who have years of experience improving and streamlining EMS billing systems.

Because our billing team specializes in ambulance billing, they know how to: 

  • Establish and maintain service/payer and Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) relations.
  • Handle revalidation and keep you up to date with Medicare and Medical Assistance.
  • Complete and submit commercial electronic applications.
  • Attain maximum reimbursements with efficiency and promptness.

Our experienced EMS billing staff can help crews overcome the struggles of gathering required medical necessity documentation by attaching it directly to the ePCR. By aligning billing processes with dispatchers, crews, and managers, your agency’s EMS workflow can be optimized to its fullest potential.

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Ambulance Billing Experts | Every Detail Accurate & Complete

Feel Confident Knowing That Experienced Ambulance Billers Have All the Details Covered

Ambulance Billing Experts | Every Detail Accurate & Complete

Our Ambulance Billing Experts handle all billing details, including payer follow-up, delays, appeals, and short payments.

They also meet high patient care reporting standards that result in clean and compliant claims. Our EMS billing professionals care about quality assurance and use billing tools that virtually eliminate incomplete claim submissions.

With a team who specializes in coding principles and claims processing, you can feel confident that your claims are accurate and following current state, federal, and payer requirements. Additionally, our Ambulance Billing Experts have years of experience working with third-party payers within a range of EMS agencies across the USA to verify eligibility. 

Our team has checklists and processes to catch easily overlooked details. Our EMS billers will make sure your agency is up-to-date with the latest industry rules, regulations, and standards as well as Medicare and Medical Assistance changes. 

For AIM, attention to detail also includes professional customer service. Our billing specialists strive to embody care and concern by handling all customer calls regarding ambulance bills with empathy and compassion.

Ambulance Billing Experts | 24/7 Uptime

Trust Our EMS Billing Team to Keep You Up & Running 24/7

Ambulance Billing Experts | 24/7 Uptime

Instead of hiring and training in-house EMS billers, investing in hardware, or setting up an internal system supported by onsite servers, save time, money, and frustration by hiring EMS billing professionals to handle all of your billing needs. 

Our Ambulance Billing Experts are professional, experienced, efficient, fully-trained, and you have access to your billing system 24/7 to monitor performance. 

Improve not only your EMS workflow but customer service with unmatched availability and up-time. No more worrying about the security of your billing and ePCR data. AIM’s team handles all back-up and disaster recovery for all AIM-related systems.

Ambulance Billing Experts | EMS Billing Challenges Eliminated

Count On Our Professional Billers to Handle All Billing Challenges

Ambulance Billing Experts | EMS Billing Challenges Eliminated

Let our Ambulance Billing Experts eliminate the irritation of constant follow-up and delays related to denials, appeals, and short-payments. Our team handles all the challenges and frustrations that come with EMS billing.

And to help your agency’s EMS workflow, we provide documentation training for dispatchers and crews and advice on common EMS-related documentation challenges. We can even help with credentialing and rate review, revenue, and trend analysis. Our experts are ready and eager to help you streamline your ambulance billing so that you save time and money while increasing revenue and decreasing reimbursement time. 

Trusting our team to handle your EMS billing from top to bottom — from dispatch to discharge — allows you to focus on the other operations essential to your EMS agency.

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