HIPAA Compliance

Stay HIPAA Compliant & Keep Data Secure for Patient Confidentiality and Agency Integrity

Choose NAAC-certified EMS billers who use EMS software that helps keep your agency compliant

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HIPAA Compliance | HIPAA-Certified EMS Billers

Choose Thoroughly-Trained & HIPAA-Certified EMS Billers

HIPAA Compliance | HIPAA-Certified EMS Billers

AIM’s billing staff stays up-to-date on reimbursement regulations and receives regular training and education on HIPAA compliance.

Certifications include ambulance coders (CAC), and training on CMS (compliance for providers and suppliers participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs), and HIPAA.

AIM is recognized as a regional source of knowledge for industry rules and regulations and quality assurance processes. From healthcare industry standards to everyday ambulance transport information collection, we have experienced and certified billers who use secure technology to submit, monitor, and manage receivables. From non-negotiable signature requirements to ePCR medical necessity guidelines, our team understands the high standard required of them.

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HIPAA Compliance | EMS Billing Staff & Software Compliance

Trust CMS & HIPAA-Compliant Tools

HIPAA Compliance | EMS Billing Staff & Software Compliance

Because we care deeply about the patients you serve and the integrity of your agency, our compliance program is comprehensive and extends from our staff to our software and tools. Both our personnel and our tools satisfy all CMS and HIPAA compliance guidelines.

We use software that meets regulatory reporting requirements, has a HIPAA Privacy and Security module, a Certified Data Center, and performs audits such as SOC reports (SSAE-16, SAS70 audits). Not only does our software and its features keep us accountable and compliant, but they provide valuable checks and balances.

HIPAA Compliance | Secure & Safe Data with Backup Protection

Keep Your Data HIPAA-Compliant and Secure with Reliable Protection & Back-Up System

HIPAA Compliance | Secure & Safe Data with Backup Protection

The HIPAA-compliant billing software that our EMS billing experts use for billing services meets Disaster Recovery requirements and has a powerful firewall that protects your data from spam, viruses, and attacks. 

While you can log in and out as you please, complex encryption is used to protect data from security threats so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption.

HIPAA Compliance | Security Audits Pass Compliance Requirements

Pass Security Audits with Confidence

HIPAA Compliance | Security Audits Pass Compliance Requirements

Even with billers who meet HIPAA compliance standards, CMS-compliant software and tools, and a dependable back-up system in place, AIM conducts routine software security audits not only because it’s a federal requirement, but because they provide valuable information and uncover both strong and vulnerable points.

Knowing that our software is secure and unbreached give us confidence that we can pass on to you. Gain peace of mind knowing your data is safe, and patient information is protected. With compliant software and trained users, you can rest assured that you’ll pass audits with flying colors and that your agency holds to a high standard.

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