Optimize revenue and improve cash flow with AIM EMS Billing Services

Our EMS billing experts speed reimbursement and improve revenue cycle management for leading agencies across the country. 

AIM takes the EMS billing burden off your team’s shoulders and optimizes every step in the process—maximizing your revenue and getting cash in the door faster, so you can thrive even in the most challenging times. Our NAAC-certified billers are just as committed to your financial health as you are, working diligently to overcome payment obstacles, prevent denials and rejections, and keep your cash flowing. 

Our EMS billing volume says it all

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Hear from our satisfied clients


“We used to do in-house billing and it was one of the best decisions to meet with AIM and discuss this business venture. Funding is very low and providing care to patients and getting paid for our services are critical to keep our doors open."


“AIM's system of being able to see your account at any time is one of their strongest points. You are able to see everything, including your day-to-day or monthly income to stay on point for the income you need to run your service."




“We have peace of mind knowing that claims are being billed correctly and handled completely by AIM."


"AIM has helped to improve the cash flow and timely billing of services to insurance companies and individuals."


"As a 100% volunteer ambulance corps, having someone we can depend on to perform our billing in exactly the way we would like it done means we can concentrate on making sure our service can spend more time improving and honing our abilities to better serve our community."


Trust your billing to the EMS experts

We’re experts in EMS billing (not general medical billing), so we understand the nuances and complexities it involves. Our NAAC-certified billers know how to navigate the challenges of billing insurers and other payers and prevent reimbursement denials. They follow best practices and processes proven to maximize reimbursements and get cash in the door faster. And they’ve been doing it successfully for decades! 

When you outsource your billing to AIM, you can be confident you’re working with a team that is highly knowledgeable about EMS billing and has a track record of capturing more revenue faster. We take over the billing function so you can focus more time and attention on tasks that add value for your patients.  


Increase revenue, speed reimbursement, and improve cash flow 

AIM’s turnkey EMS Billing Service makes a fast, significant impact on your agency’s financial health. We apply our long history of experience to optimize the entire billing workflow—enabling you to capture more revenue sooner, for a stronger and more consistent cash flow.  

  • Our training gets your dispatchers and crews on track with completing accurate, thorough documentation to decrease errors.
  • We know how and when to follow up on aging AR and push accounts to collections.
  • We even offer consulting services to improve your billing, helping you with payer applications, rates, and revenue analysis. 

Accelerate billing

Our electronic claim submissions and efficient workflow enable us to invoice quickly and accurately, accelerating the billing process.


Prevent errors

We prevent rejections and denials by verifying insurance on all ambulance runs and reviewing data and patient demographics for accuracy.


Keep cash flowing

We bill within days of transport, cutting your reimbursement cycle time.


Leverage relationships

With strong relationships across ambulance billers, payers, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, we get money in the door faster.


Earn more by optimizing your EMS revenue cycle management

With reimbursements shrinking and costs rising, your agency is under more pressure than ever to capture every dollar of revenue you’re eligible for. AIM EMS Billing Services make sure you achieve that goal. 

We bring the EMS-specific knowledge and passion to optimize your revenue cycle management (RCM)—all the administrative and financial processes that mitigate the common dispatch-to-discharge gaps which cause revenue losses and hamper cash flow.  

Our EMS billing experts will help you bring in more revenue faster by:
  • Uncovering ways to capture revenue that would otherwise be lost
  • Identifying billing delays that are slowing your reimbursements
  • Finding opportunities to reduce billing-related costs 
  • Removing obstacles that get in the way of a streamlined billing process

From pre-billing steps to eligibility and insurance verification, coding, claim submission, collections, payer contracting, and more, our EMS Billing Services ensure every step contributes to a healthy top and bottom line.


Trust AIM to maintain EMS compliance and safeguard data

AIM employs all the physical, network, and process security measures and best practices it takes to keep your agency compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.  

Our billing specialists stay current on all the industry and government regulations you need to comply with in order to protect patient data privacy and confidentiality. Following our rigorous processes—and using the same EMS Billing Software our clients rely on—AIM billers keep data safe and secure while protecting your agency from fraudulent billing. With AIM as your billing provider, you can be confident your claims are clean and audit-ready. 
AIM Billing Service

Track your progress with 24/7 report access 

Monitoring your agency’s financial health is critical to ensuring you have the income to run your operation effectively. When you choose AIM for EMS Billing Services, you’ll always know where you stand. 

We provide complete online visibility and full transparency into every invoice and your entire accounts receivable (AR). You also get access to a wide range of standard billing reports that you can customize to suit your needs. Your team can even access the same EMS Billing Software our billers use on your behalf. It all adds up to ready access to the information you need, when you need it. 

Enjoy service that’s second to none

One point of contact. Superior Service and Support.

AIM has decades of experience providing EMS agencies like yours with the exceptional service you deserve, through a team of professionals who are just as committed to your success as you are. In fact, customers give us an NPS score of 83—higher than world-class companies like Apple and Amazon. You won’t find a more responsive, accessible, or caring group of professionals in the industry. And with an account management and support team that averages 15 years of experience, you won’t find a more experienced team.  

We make your transition to our EMS Billing Service smooth and seamless, ensuring you know exactly what to expect at every step. Once you’ve made the switch, we provide support by phone, email, and live chat. Our service team is highly knowledgeable about EMS operations, incredibly responsive and attentive to your needs, and deeply passionate about helping you achieve strong financial health.  

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EMS billing isn’t the same as general medical billing. We know because we’re experts in it. We understand the nuances and complexities that EMS billing involves, and we know how to navigate the challenges to prevent reimbursement denials.

Download the guide to learn how to improve EMS billing efficiency, reduce claim rejections, and get paid faster.

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