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EMS Billing Services | Trusted Ambulance Billing Experts

AIM EMS Billing Services will work with your dispatchers, crews, and managers to optimize your EMS billing workflow and improve your EMS billing system.

Because our EMS billing staff knows to establish and maintain healthy and productive relationships with ambulance billers, payers, and Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), we can shorten payment and reimbursement time so that you get paid faster.

With our EMS Billing Services, you not only get a team of EMS billing professionals who know how to increase your revenue and get cash in your account faster, but you also gain access to ePCR software, documentation training for EMS dispatchers and crew, and consulting services to help with payer applications, rate, review, revenue analysis, and more.

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Revenue cycle management (RCM) consists of administrative and financial processes that help mitigate common gaps from dispatch to discharge that contribute to revenue loss. These processes also help to uncover opportunities to save money and cultivate cash flow. Understanding every step of the EMS billing process, where delays may occur, and opportunities may arise is the root of RCM.  

Given the unique challenges of ambulance billing, EMS RCM is different from other healthcare industries, including hospital RCM. EMS Revenue Cycle Management requires an EMS billing expert who can ensure that each step is managed correctly.

When AIM EMS Billing Services manages your ambulance billing, you can trust that all the vital RCM processes including pre-billing, insurance verification, coding steps, billing procedures, collections, payer contracting, and more are handled carefully and efficiently.

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EMS Billing Services | HIPAA Compliance

AIM EMS Billing Services ensures that physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed thoroughly to help keep your agency HIPAA Compliant.

Our EMS Billing Services team understands all industry and government compliance regulations, and they use trusted in-house EMS billing software that adheres to the same standard.

The processes and tools that our EMS billing professionals implement not only keep patient data secure and safe but also protects your agency from fraudulent billing and maintains clean claims so that audits are passed with confidence.

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EMS Billing Services | EMS Accounts Receivable

Our team of NAAC-certified billers completes insurance verification on all ambulance runs and reviews reports for accuracy of data and patient demographics. Complete and clean claims prevent billing errors that lead to denials and rejections. 

AIM EMS Billing Services experts work to invoice quickly and accurately, follow up consistently, and as accounts age, they know when and how to push accounts to collections if necessary.

EMS A/R best practices coupled with electronic claim submissions help get bills out the door and money in your bank account faster. 

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EMS Billing Services | EMS Reporting

When you invite our EMS Billing Services experts to join your team, you get access to our in-house billing software and NEMSIS-compliant ePCR software.

The tools our team uses to manage your emergency medical services billing are fully integrated and designed to ensure that your EMS workflow performs optimally.

Having these tools available to you at all times gives you complete transparency into every invoice and account receivable whenever you want. If you want to see other data, look through the expansive library of reports to find what you want, or ask our EMS Billing Services experts for assistance.

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