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Access valuable EMS reporting in real-time and for free, 24/7.

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EMS Reporting | Around-the-Clock  Reporting Access & Analytics

Access Valuable EMS Reporting Analytics 24/7

EMS Reporting | Around-the-Clock  Reporting Access & Analytics

Included in AIM EMS Billing Services is access to our integrated EMS Billing Software and NEMSIS-compliant ePCR Software. Looking at the EMS reporting that these integrated systems produce can give you a clear picture of your agency's financial health.

Pull the information you need to run your agency effectively and optimally with our EMS reporting software. Look over run reports, A/R numbers, and trend analysis. You can also create and monitor dashboards, check team productivity, analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), and track your agency's growth.

You can't beat valuable and free EMS Reporting!

If you're already using a third-party ePCR software, we can create a platform integration that will work with our EMS reporting software.

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EMS Reporting | On Demand & Transparent EMS Reports

Pull Real-Time, Fully-Transparent EMS Reporting

EMS Reporting | On Demand & Transparent EMS Reports

Free and valuable reporting is great, but so is having all reporting available on-demand.

Observe all aspects of your EMS billing workflow in real-time with our EMS reporting. Get instant access to patient accounts, claim status, and financial performance, 24/7.

All reports offer full transparency and accountability. Never guess again how you're EMS agency is performing, see for yourself.

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