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EMS Dispatch Software is the first powerful step in our integrated Dispatch, ePCR, & Billing Solution.

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EMS Dispatch Software Portal Scheduled Alerts

Get Paid Faster with Better EMS Dispatch Data Quality and Alerts

Gain the ability to understand patient needs and limitations before the EMS call is ever dispatched with built-in alerts that let you know if there’s patient prior history, if medical necessity or prior authorization requirements are being met, and if they have any past due balances on their account.

Reduce Costs of EMS Dispatch Software, Hardware, and System Administration

Avoid big one-time costs for hardware and administration to install, maintain, and support a complex, ever-changing IT network environment.

EMS Dispatch Software 

by AIM allows you to budget a low recurring monthly cost instead of larger recurring annual expenses and minimizes the overhead required to build, secure, and support an internal data center.
EMS Software Dispatch Reduces Headaches

Eliminate EMS Dispatch Software Technology Headaches

Spend less time and money on internal hardware, maintenance, and support of your EMS Dispatch Software.


EMS Dispatch Software 

comes with unmatched online availability, which means your EMS services isn’t losing time and money due to hardware failures and downtime. No more worrying about the security of your EMS Dispatch data when AIM handles all back-ups, disaster recovery, patches, upgrades, and performance monitoring for your EMS service.

Our EMS Dispatch Software has online technology that ensures your daily EMS dispatching continues without interruption – keeping your dispatchers productive.

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EMS Dispatch Software Call Queue

Maximize Revenue with Accurate and Timely Call Intake and EMS Dispatching

Collect all important EMS call intake information quickly and get the call activity from dispatch, to patient care, and over to EMS billers in record time, and with accuracy that results in higher EMS reimbursement.

Save Time with Improved EMS Dispatch Software & Workflow

Increase the accuracy and completeness of call intake and dispatch scheduling with data flows that focus on key details related to different incident types.


EMS Dispatch Software 

considers the fact that the Emergency call workflow is different than a Scheduled call workflow, allowing call takers and dispatchers the ability to work through intake, notifications, scheduling, and collaboration with EMS crews and managers as efficiently as possible.

EMS dispatchers can open multiple call queues at the same time and filter statuses for easy tracking of any and all call statuses.

EMS Dispatch Software is Compliant

Keep Operations Compliant with Regional, State, and Federal Regulations

Pass audits confidently with intelligent workflow and compliance tools that help EMS dispatchers meet the demands of industry and government compliance requirements.

Improve EMS call intake documentation quality with the ability to attach relevant EMS documentation directly to the dispatch record (face sheets, PCS/PMNCs, etc.), making it easily accessible if/when an audit occurs.


EMS Dispatch Software 

comes with built in tools and resources (Privacy Module, Audit Tracking, and SOC Certified Disaster Recovery) that provide peace of mind in knowing your EMS Dispatch data is safe.
EMS Dispatch Software Crew Call Information

Empower Emergency Medical Dispatch Information at Your Fingertips

Gives managers, supervisors and dispatchers detailed reporting capability that monitors pending calls, response times, unit status, and more. Allowing the ability to make informed decisions in real-time.

EMS crews get critical, time-sensitive call information, cutting down on duplicate data entry and improving accuracy of patient care reports.

Maximize Flexibility for EMS Dispatchers to Get Needed Call Details

Focusing on dispatcher flow and speed, our EMS Dispatch Software streamlines the emergency and scheduled workflow processes to ensure important call details are collected and shared efficiently and expediently.

EMS Dispatch Software Workflow Cycle

Eliminate Redundant Data Entry Between Integrated Systems


EMS Dispatch Software 

paired with our ePCR and Billing Software work together to reduce duplicate date entry by sharing patient account information. The integrated systems lets dispatchers, crews, and billers get the latest on insurance details and prior history, as well as carry over information collected from the time the call comes in, all the way through to getting the bill out the door.

Reduce Training Costs and Increase EMS Dispatcher Confidence

EMS Dispatch Software 

by AIM is designed to automatically walk call takers and dispatchers through the natural progression of an ambulance call. The automated workflow shortens the learning curve, reduces training costs, and builds confidence among new and seasoned dispatchers.

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