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Bring in an expert team to optimize, standardize, and monitor your EMS A/R to reduce payment loss and improve cash flow.

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EMS A/R | Systematized A/R for Faster Payment

Standardize EMS A/R to Get Paid Faster

EMS A/R | Systematized A/R for Faster Payment

When our EMS Billing Services team manages your EMS A/R, they resolve debtor balances, forecast how long it will take to receive the debt payment, and account for the remittance when it’s received.

Standardized communication is sent to payers/debtors at the 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, and 120-day increments, and all accounts receivable are reviewed regularly, keeping a close eye on the larger accounts.

Our team strives to build amicable relationships with those who owe, be it an insurance company, payer, or self-payer, because they understand that providing helpful customer service is the best way to uncover the reasons behind unpaid bills and identify solutions for next steps.


Reduce Payment Loss and Improve EMS A/R with Complete & Correct Claims

EMS A/R | Complete & Correct Claims Without Errors

Our EMS Billing Services team can begin improving your EMS A/R by making sure claim data is correct. When data is complete and accurate, often coding errors, denials, and rejections are prevented. With a team of experienced billers and automatic data validation software, these things can easily be avoided or detected before submission.

With mandatory and default field settings and extensive list options that include codes, descriptions, and procedures, our team can work quickly, efficiently, and virtually error-free. With these in place, diminish incomplete and incorrect claims and bills and control payment loss.

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EMS A/R | Billing Experts Who Understand Accounts Receivable

Shorten the EMS A/R Gap by Getting Accurate Bills Out the Door Faster

EMS A/R | Efficient Billing through Electronic Claim Submission

Our EMS Billing Services team can shorten the time you get paid by using EMS software that has electronic claim submission. Our billing system can sync patient accounts and finish PCRs automatically from remote devices. The secure, automatic electronic transfer of the ePCR to billing reduces service-to-billing time. 

If an invoice is paid by check, our billing experts will make sure it's directly deposited to your bank account. 

With streamlined and accurate EMS billing, your claims and invoices can get out the door faster, and your chances of being paid are higher — all of which work together to help manage your EMS A/R.

EMS A/R | Billing Experts Who Understand Accounts Receivable

Save Money by Enlisting a Team of Experts Who Understand EMS A/R

EMS A/R | Billing Experts Who Understand Accounts Receivable

Reduce your EMS agency's in-house expenses by eliminating labor costs associated with maintaining full-time billers and system administrators and overhead costs that include hardware, onsite server management, EMS software setup and training, and more. You can cut these costs by hiring a team of ambulance billing experts to handle your entire EMS billing workflow including EMS A/R.

With AIM's EMS Billing Service, you not only save money, but you get a team of experts who understand EMS A/R and free, 24/7 access to AIM's ePCR Software and EMS Billing Software. Never again wonder about your budget, accounts receivable, or cash-flow. Pull reports anytime to gauge your current A/R.

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