Improve efficiency and speed reimbursement with AIM EMS Software

EMS agencies across the country use our EMS software to streamline their work, boost productivity, and get paid faster.

AIM is your trusted partner for secure, cloud-based EMS software that helps you succeed and thrive, even in challenging times. Our fully integrated EMS Billing, PCR, and Dispatch software modules equip you to work more efficiently, drive more revenue, serve patients more effectively, and get cash in the door more quickly.

Every AIM software solution is purpose-built for EMS operations, by professionals with decades of industry experience and a deep understanding of the challenges of running an EMS agency. And we back our software by delivering the exceptional service experience you expect and deserve—so you can be confident your mission-critical software will always be up and available, keeping your agency running smoothly. Our affordable, robust software is just what you need to operate a profitable EMS agency.


Save time and improve accuracy with our Ambulance Dispatch Software 

AIM’s cloud-based EMS Dispatch Software automates critical dispatch processes to reduce manual work and improve data accuracy. The software standardizes your dispatch processes based on the call type, making it easy for dispatchers to capture complete, accurate call intake data right at the source, every time. When it’s time to bill the transport, billers will have everything they need to facilitate smooth, speedy reimbursement.

Our EMS Dispatch software combines automated workflows and data validation, with automatic transmission of dispatch data to the ePCR and your crew’s devices, and color-coded queues that easily identify call status. Your dispatch crew will spend less time completing vital tasks while they document all the data you need to serve patients better and capture more revenue.

Ambulance Dispatch

Eliminate manual steps and speed your work with our ePCR Software

AIM ePCR Software will boost your team’s productivity and help you get paid faster—two critical goals for any EMS agency. It eliminates duplicate data entry and other manual steps and guides your staff to complete higher quality PCR narratives faster. So you can get accurate bills out sooner and avoid claim denials.

Our ePCR solution provides everything your staff needs to work efficiently and accurately while improving patient care and maintaining compliance. From automatic mandatory field validation and QA/QI validation designed to prevent errors, to real-time patient information lookup and other efficiency-boosting features, the AIM ePCR solution enables you to streamline work, eliminate billing delays, and optimize revenue.


Maximize reimbursement and improve cash flow with our EMS Billing Software

Get ready to capture more revenue and get paid faster with AIM EMS Billing Software. Our solution combines all the features your billers need to develop complete and accurate claim submissions – reducing denials, optimizing revenue, and speeding reimbursement.

AIM EMS Billing Software automates and streamlines your billing workflow, dramatically reducing claim submission time. From electronic claim submission for commercial and government payers, to auto-populated fields, automatic data validation and error-checking, task routing, and much more, our feature-rich billing solution provides the foundation you need to work efficiently, optimize reimbursement, and get cash in the door faster.


Discover how Butler County EMS slashed reimbursement time with AIM Billing Software. 

Butler County EMS was outsourcing its commercial billing to a third party and was experiencing billing errors and reimbursement delays. With no tax funding and an average of 11,000 annual calls, the agency needed to improve billing speed and accuracy to keep cash flowing. 

Download the case study to learn how Butler County:
  • Reduced time to approval and reimbursement
  • Decreased claim time to take only 1 week on average from transport to approval
  • Reduced claim rejection rate from 3.88% to 1.25%
  • Created consistent, faster cash flow

Bundle our EMS Software for even more benefits

When you choose AIM software modules, you gain the flexibility to implement them separately, as a comprehensive solution, or integrated with your existing software. No matter what path you take, you’ll find our software integrates seamlessly with your operation.

If you decide to use our EMS Billing, ePCR, and/or Dispatch Software solutions, you’ll avoid the need to integrate with multiple vendors, work with separate support teams, and train on multiple platforms.

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Find out everything you need to know about buying EMS Billing Software.


Choose our compliant, secure EMS Software solutions 

Our Dispatch, ePCR, and Billing solutions simplify maintaining compliance with HIPAA and other federal and state regulations and eliminate security concerns. Role-based security features limit user access to the relevant data they need, while physical security features protect patients’ personal health information (PHI). Our software can even track who accessed a record, when, and what action your staff member took, providing a valuable audit trail.

When you implement AIM Dispatch, ePCR, or Billing Software, you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing you’ve partnered with a SOC-certified vendor that’s committed to industry-standard practices for data security and privacy. You’ll gain unmatched online availability with secure access anytime, anywhere, ensuring your mission-critical operations continue uninterrupted.


Shift the software administration burden to AIM

When you choose our cloud-based EMS Software, you shift the burden of software administration to the experts at AIM. You’ll avoid the time and cost to install, maintain, update, and support software on multiple devices or manage complex IT networks. Since AIM handles critical tasks like software patches, backups, and upgrades, you can be confident your EMS Software is current and secure. And with affordable monthly license fees replacing large capital expenditures, our cloud-based approach helps to ease your budget.

Our cloud-based solutions also give you optimal access to the software your dispatchers, crews, and billers need to work efficiently and effectively. They can access our modules securely anytime, anywhere, even working remotely if necessary.


Our satisfied clients say it all


"We made the switch to AIM and wish we could have done it sooner. No more worries about hardware or backup issues, and we can get reports at a moment's notice."


"We have been using AIM for over 24 years. AIM and their support department have been with us all along ... always timely, knowledgeable, and friendly."




"You are just WONDERFUL people to work with. I've had the AIM Software System for over 15 years. Whenever I call, even with the most foolish questions, they always help."


"The software saved our company. We tried other big name software companies; however, AIM was the solution we were looking for, and it came at the most reasonable price."


“AIM has made my life so much easier! Billing isn't something that we knew how to do, and we have trusted it in the hands of people who know billing the best! We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with.”


“We have been able to make our office more efficient and effective, make sure all bills are going to where they need to go and are getting paid, track our claims more proficiently, and move them out the door much quicker than we were before!”


Experience unrivaled service and support

The AIM team is deeply committed to your success and your financial health, and it shows in the exceptional service and support we provide. You won’t find a more responsive, caring group of professionals in the industry—and you’ll feel like you’re our only client! In fact, 86% of EMS agencies rate our software support and EMS industry knowledge a 9 or 10 out of 10.

AIM gets you up and running with our software quickly and smoothly, managing your implementation diligently to keep the project on track. We provide comprehensive training to set up your billers, dispatchers, and crews for success. And once you’re live, our knowledgeable, dedicated service team provides responsive, accurate support whenever you need it, by phone, email, and live chat. We even provide ongoing recommendations that help you maximize your use of our software functionality.