EMS HIPAA Compliance

Keep Your EMS Operations in Sync, on Top of Tasks, and HIPAA Compliant

Penalties for EMS HIPAA violations can stretch into the millions of dollars, so it’s important that your EMS software supports HIPAA compliance.

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If your EMS software transmits Protected Health Information to a covered entity, HIPAA laws apply to you. 

Look for the following features in an EMS software package to help support EMS HIPAA compliance.
EMS HIPAA Compliance | Detailed Access Tracking

Software That Tracks Who Accessed Which Record & When

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Detailed Access Tracking

One of the easiest to understand EMS HIPAA compliance requirements is that agencies are required to keep an audit log of who did what within their EMS software package, whether in dispatch, ePCR, or EMS billing software. AIM EMS Software solutions can track which person accessed which record on what date, and whether he or she viewed it, updated it, or deleted it. This rule implies that all users need a distinct username and password to access EMS software.

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EMS HIPAA Compliance | Role-based Security Set-up

Role-based Security That Gives Users Access to Relevant Data Only

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Role-based Security Set-up

HIPAA compliance specifies that each employee at your EMS agency should only see the "minimum necessary" information to do his or her job. Like most guidelines, this is open to interpretation. It's the agency's responsibility to define the appropriate access level that each employee should have within the organization's software. AIM EMS Software ensures role-based security set-up so that users only have access to the data relevant to their role within your agency.

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Physically Secure Data

Physical Security That Protects All Personal Health Information (PHI)

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Physically Secure Data

HIPAA also requires you to secure your EMS data. For example, the application should be secured behind a firewall and have strong password protection on all user accounts. AIM EMS Software uses a state-of-the-art external datacenter with EMS HIPAA compliant security and monitoring features that far surpasses what an organization can practically provide for itself.


Internal Messaging Capabilities Keep PHI Safer

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Protected Data Sharing

Although email is one of the most popular, global forms of communication, it is not a secure way to send personal health information. For this reason, encryption should be used for email that might have patient information. For a greater safety measure, use software that allows seamless, internal communication keeping data sharing within the software. AIM EMS Software offers this high-level security feature. With built-in communication tools that let you route and attach sensitive data to other users, you can avoid potential leaks and the risk of potential HIPAA compliance breaches.

PDF Signatures

Software Features Can Track & Store Signature Authorization Forms

EMS HIPAA Compliance | Stored Patient Authorization

HIPAA provides many guidelines about operational processes and procedures, including a requirement that patients sign an authorization form that allows your agency to use their personal information for their care. AIM EMS Software includes system functionality that tracks signature authorization forms, storing this vital data directly within the patient care report, account, and billing record. This feature helps to make HIPAA compliance a little easier and a lot less stressful.

EMS HIPAA Compliance | On-demand Accessibility

Ensure Compliance with 24/7 Backup & Uptime

EMS HIPAA Compliance | On-demand Accessibility

HIPAA requires that organizations ensure that patient data is available to those who need to see it, including the patients themselves. With AIM EMS Software, those who need access can count on reliable 24/7 availability. Get access to what’s needed when it’s needed — and stay HIPAA compliant

Along with this, it’s imperative to have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with any stakeholder you work with to protect the PHI of the clients you serve. AIM EMS Software includes a feature that allows you to store and track all of your active BAAs.

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