Maries-Osage Ambulance District enjoys the great growth and success they have seen since joining AIM

Maries-Osage Ambulance District,

Helping Maries-Osage Ambulance District Grow EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Maries-Osage Ambulance District has been in business since 1978. While they had been able to operate as a successful business, Maries-Osage faced the growing challenge of accessing their information anywhere if they needed to work outside of their physical office. With the advent of the internet, Maries-Osage knew they needed to be able to tap into their business anytime, from anywhere.

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Florida Billing Services needed a software solution for quick and efficient processing of statements and payments

Florida Billing Services,

Florida Billing Services Needed a Software Solution for Quick and Efficient Processing of Statements and Payments EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Florida Billing Services has succeeded as a billing company for many years. But, as technology advanced, the service that FBS offered to their clients had to advance as well.  Transparency and accessibility are two areas that Florida Billing Services wanted to put their focus behind with future client relations. In order to satisfy these demands, Florida Billing Services needed a software solution that would allow their clients to access their patient records, statements, and insurance information.

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Edwards Ambulance Service Chooses AIM Online for Flexibility and Efficiency

Edwards Ambulance Service,

Edwards Ambulance Service Needed a Solution to Increase Their Flexibility and Allow Them to Work Anywhere EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: For 50 years, Edwards Ambulance Service has been an established private ambulance service in upstate New York. While continuing to adapt and grow with technology was built into their business plan, they more aggressively pursued options that gave more freedom and provided better security, reliability, and flexibility to their software systems. Accessibility was the biggest issue that they faced. Being a small business, if a 

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