Florida Billing Services needed a software solution for quick and efficient processing of statements and payments

Florida Billing Services Needed a Software Solution for Quick and Efficient Processing of Statements and Payments


Florida Billing Services has succeeded as a billing company for many years. But, as technology advanced, the service that FBS offered to their clients had to advance as well.  Transparency and accessibility are two areas that Florida Billing Services wanted to put their focus behind with future client relations. In order to satisfy these demands, Florida Billing Services needed a software solution that would allow their clients to access their patient records, statements, and insurance information.


Florida Billing Services, LLC is a medical billing company based in south Florida. Founded in 2000, FBS serves a number of medical institutions throughout Florida, in many different billing applications.


The biggest difficulty that Florida Billing Services faced was the ability to provide automated statement retrieval and the transparency to provide their billing clients access to the billing systems. Manual outdated systems were no longer feasible for the growth of Florida Billing Services, so they needed to take the next step to an end-to-end software solution.


After significant research and reviews, Florida Billing Services decided to implement AIM Online as the solution to their billing software needs.  The biggest advantage that AIM gives to Florida Billing Services is the end-to-end billing solution. Florida Billing Services is able to keep up with every aspect of their client’s patients, from statements to insurance follow-up forms.  As their business continues to grow, AIM has been able to scale and update their software systems, including training the Florida Billing Services team on the latest updates and how they can best utilize the AIM products.


In the world of patient billing, timeliness is one of the most important aspects. One of the biggest benefits that FloridaBilling Services has seen from AIM has been the significant decrease in insurance payment timelines. In the past, this has been one of the biggest obstacles and bottlenecks for Florida Billing Services. Now, it is a streamlined and efficient process with rapid payment processing.

“As a longtime customer of AIM Online EMS Software and Services, I have had the opportunity to meet most of the people that I work with on the phone (sales, billers and support staff), and have become friends with many of them. I have always been extremely happy with the service and professionalism of all the AIM’s employee’s.”

– Dorinda T. owner, Florida Billing Services

Outside of the efficiency offered by the software systems, Florida Billing Services also saw a significant improvement with their customer relations by offering their customers access to the online program. By utilizing AIM’s systems, Florida Billing Services has been able to support their customers in every stage of the billing cycle, from initial intake to statements and insurance follow-up.

AIM offers an extremely adaptable software solution to all your billing needs. No matter the size of your organization, AIM has a customized solution to maximize your efficiency and the value you provide to your clients. If you have more questions about how AIM can benefit your billing needs, give us a call. We’re always happy to give you a free evaluation and price quote.

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