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EMS Revenue Cycle Management | EMS Industry Billing Experts

Choose Revenue Cycle Management Experts Who Understand the Industry

EMS Revenue Cycle Management | EMS Industry Billing Experts

Given the unique challenges of ambulance billing, EMS Revenue Cycle Management for emergency medical services agencies is different than any other medical-related institutions, including hospitals. 

EMS Revenue Cycle Management requires experts who understand every step of the EMS billing process including where delays may occur and how long it might take to get paid so that plans for cash outflow and use of cash reserve can be planned for appropriately. That’s why we offer billing services staffed with highly-trained coding and billing pros who know EMS RCM inside and out.

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EMS Revenue Cycle Management | All-inclusive RCM Services

Gain Comprehensive EMS Revenue Cycle Management Services

EMS Revenue Cycle Management | All-inclusive RCM Services

EMS Revenue cycle management (RCM) consists of administrative and financial processes that help mitigate common gaps from dispatch to discharge that contribute to revenue loss. These processes also help to uncover opportunities to save money and cultivate cash flow. Understanding every step of the EMS billing process, where delays may occur, and opportunities may arise is the root of RCM.  

Our EMS Revenue Cycle Management processes include:

  • Pre-billing system that gets EMS billing right the first time. This includes automated insurance verification processes that get ambulance claims to the correct payer quickly. 
  • Coding steps that accurately identify the level of emergency medical services provided and ensure your EMS agency is properly reimbursed for services rendered.
  • Billing procedures that lead to rapid turnaround on electronic claims transmissions, ambulance claim denials and appeals, and attorney & payer requests.
  • Collections processes that ensure continuous follow-up on open patient accounts receivable (A/R) and include statement and aging cycles designed to meet your EMS agency’s specific needs. 
  • Payer contracting processes that are established and maintained when it makes good financial sense for the EMS agency.
  • Provider enrollment assistance that reduces time and frustration with application completion. 
  • Data analytics that support the development of a high-quality and efficient EMS billing workflow.
  • Management and oversight of your EMS billing with a dedicated account lead and EMS billing specialist.
  • Compliance processes that maintain the latest local and federal regulations through AIM’s free NEMSIS-compliant ePCR software.

Understanding each of these EMS billing processes and where efficiencies and delays can occur is an integral part of understanding and managing ambulance billing RCM. AIM offers a full-spectrum revenue cycle management service, which results in reliable cash flow, maximized reimbursements, and increased revenue.

EMS Revenue Cycle Management | All-inclusive RCM Services

24/7 Access to the EMS Billing Reports Essential to Your Growth

EMS Revenue Cycle Management | Transparent Billing Reports

When AIM’s billing experts are managing your EMS Revenue Cycle Management, you not only save money, but you save valuable administrative time. Our team keeps billing organized through file attachments so that you can retrieve and view trip and bill-related documents quickly and easily. 

With efficiency-driven professionals handling your billing work, you don’t need to worry about duplicate data or errors that lead to wasted time and money. Errors are minimized and money is maximized! 

Our EMS billing services provide complete transparency with high visibility into your agency's ambulance billing whenever you want. In addition to full access to online and on-demand EMS RCM data, you also have access to an expansive library of reports.

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