How to Save Over $10,000 a Year on EMS Billing Services

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 How to Save Over $10,000 a Year on Your Billing Services

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about cash flow? Are you frustrated by how long it takes to get paid? Is it hard to find qualified billers who are reliable and trustworthy?

If you've been nodding yes to any of these questions, AIM's Billing Services is the answer.

With our EMS Billing Services, you receive your payments in half the time. You don't have to worry about delayed or short-payments. Best of all, you can check your billing status on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And, when you sign up for AIM EMS Billing Services, you will have access to the full suite of Ambulance Information Management (AIM) software for FREE! That's right! When you sign up for AIM Billing Services, you will pay nothing for the most comprehensive software package in the industry, a value of $10,800 per year!

With AIM EMS Billing Services, you will:

  • Receive payment in half the time with electronic - instead of paper - billing to Medicare, Medicaid, commercial health insurances, auto insurance, facility contracts, and private pay

  • Enjoy AIM's established working relationship with all major insurance carriers • Eliminate worries about data storage, security, and backup

  • Be able to review and forecast Accounts Receivable with reports on patient accounts, claim status and financial performance available on demand online, any time, any place

  • Develop better patient data collection practices with the included Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) software

  • Be able to check your billing status online 24/7

You see it every day-documentation keeps increasing, and so does the need for better documentation management.

The AIM System is a full suite of EMS Software and you get FREE access to it all with AIM Billing Services.

You get access to the following AIM modules, FREE of charge: FREE!

  • AIM Billing/Accounts Receivable: View the whole billing and accounts receivable process with our one-of-a kind, web-based billing software that saves time and money in bill transmission, reporting, and payment posting.

  • AIM NEMSIS Gold ePCR: By the end of 2008, all EMS providers will have to be NEMSIS compliant, so be ready NOW. With configurable data entry/workflow and defaults, AIM ePCR is perfect for medics.

  • AIM Crew Module: Keep your records organized on all field personnel and objectively evaluate performance. Get your information on continuing education, certification status, call volume, and equipment used with one click.

  • AIM Membership-Subscription Module: Easily run subscription/ membership drives or fund raising programs. Enter and store membership fees, donations and subscription-based revenue quickly.

  • AIM Fleet Module: No more surprises when it comes to repair and maintenance of emergency vehicles. You'll get complete records on service history, scheduled maintenance, fuel consumption and equipment repairs, keeping your fleet more reliable and you on budget.

Your job is dealing with emergencies. Our job is preventing them. Don't wait until the next billing emergency to act. 

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