Featured EMS Hero: Taniqua from Fayette EMS

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Hear from Taniqua who serves with Fayette EMS and uses AIM's EMS software. Her EMS agency is proud of her as she strives to be a role model for both her family and the community.

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EMS Best Practice #3: Leverage ePCRs to Improve Care, Compliance, and Cash

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ePCRs protect you and your patients, ensure care quality, enable improvement over time—and help you get paid. EMS agencies continue to struggle to make ends meet. The cost of EMS patient care continues to rise, while ambulance reimbursement rates continue to disappoint. In addition, Federal and state regulations continue to multiply. When payers and regulators fail to see the immense value EMS brings to healthcare, economical solutions can be hard to find.

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EMS Director Tackles Everyday EMS System Challenges

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During its inaugural year in 1966, the Gouverneur Rescue Squad in St. Lawrence County provided the norm: Basic Life Support which operated with one ambulance.  Over a half of a century later, the small and secluded squad in Upstate New York provides Advanced Life Support, as well as basic life support, and the ambulance fleet has increased from one to four equipped Advanced Life Support ambulances 24/7.

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