Data Accessibility in EMS Dispatch Systems Reduces Manual Entry

Data Accessibility in EMS Dispatch Systems Reduces Manual Entry.jpeg

Redundancy would typically be a word for defining an EMS dispatch center. Redundancy in equipment, in phone lines and staff can assure that no EMS dispatch call or event is missed. Built-in equipment and work-function redundancy is certainly a best practice for ambulance dispatch, as outlined by the protocols set forth by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch. But to truly reduce repetitive manual entry in EMS dispatch, redundancy is not required or even desired, as a single point of data entry during call-taking and dispatching would simplify and improve the entire EMS dispatch workflow.

EMS Cloud-Based Software Will Make Your Ambulance Agency Better

EMS software using cloud technology

Are you still using outdated EMS software? If so, it's time to move to the cloud!

Experts say that cloud computing is the best and most practical option for businesses these days. Gone are the days of on-site servers, in-house IT techs, and software breeches.

Cloud-based business applications are being rapidly integrated into the business world from the software as a service (SaaS) to the platforms as a service (PaaS). Users can access data and computing power while miles away from the office and rest assured that data is protected and secure.

But can this really work for the healthcare professionals and EMS providers who need highly-sensitive information protected and backup services guaranteed?

The simple answer is YES.

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6 Important EMS Medical Claims Processing Best Practices

6 Important EMS Medical Claims Processing Best Practices

Managing ambulance medical claims processing can be an extremely complex task—these best practices will help.

An insurance claim is a collection of data: We transported this patient (patient demographics) on this day (DOS encounter data). They had this issue (coding), we did this for them (coding), and they have this insurance (insurance data).

Get those five pieces of data right, and you will get paid; get any of them wrong or miss any information and getting paid is nothing short of a challenge.

To help prevent EMS medical claims processing challenges like getting wrong information or not securing what you need—here are six important best practices to follow.

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Key Ways to Improve EMS Claims Management and Reimbursement

Discover ways to improve EMS claims management and healthcare reimbursement.

To keep pace with changes to health care reimbursement, EMS organizations need to reduce inefficiency in revenue cycle management.

More people than ever have health insurance under the ACA and, of those, many have Medicaid. With this shift, the average per run reimbursement is lower for many EMS agencies, and the climbing deductibles are making it even more challenging to collect from patients. Additionally, modifications to the ambulance fee schedule have impacted EMS departments and have placed negative pressure on revenue. It's clear that the ACA has impacted EMS reimbursement in many ways, of which, these are only a few.

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How Holding January 2018 Claims Could Reduce EMS Agencies Exposure to Deductibles

Holding Claims Could Reduce EMS Agencies Exposure to Deductibles

The new year is quickly approaching—that means new deductibles. How does your EMS Agency plan to handle exposure to deductibles this January?

There is no way to completely alleviate the reduction of revenue your EMS agency will experience from deductibles, but there are ways to reduce your exposure. For instance, it's a common EMS billing practice to hold January Medicare Part B claims for 3-4 weeks before submitting. Sometimes it's longer, depending on the length of time that crossover takes. Doing this helps to reduce exposure to deductibles that minimize the number of patient pay claims.

In other words, to reduce your exposure to deductibles, don't file too early in the year.

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The Importance of EMS Billing Staff to Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

It's crucial for EMS Billing Staff to stay updated on key HIPPA rules.

HIPAA, otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is an information security and privacy law that has made EMS billing more difficult to carry out due to its restriction of information uses from different healthcare providers.

EMS billing has felt the burden of this legislation due to the introduction of electronic and Medicare billing within the last 15 years. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers that deal in medical records have become less forthcoming with information on patient care, and in turn, it has become more difficult to provide a seamless transition of information when attempted to provide the best patient care.

This lack of education amongst other healthcare providers is just another important reason for educating EMS billing staff so that efficient ambulance billing and healthcare is maintained while being compliant with HIPAA.

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We Offer Great EMS Customer Service & Support

Great EMS Software Customer Service Matters

With AIM, you receive the best EMS customer service and support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality.

Not all customer service is created equal. In fact, many customers put up with sub-standard support and EMS services either because they don’t know anything better exists or they simply don’t know where else to turn.

EMS organizations don’t have access to many companies that can supply what they need, because few exist, and only a fraction offer decent EMS customer support and service.

With AIM, you receive the best EMS support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality, without sacrificing the value of our products. We won’t leave you hanging—your time is valuable, and AIM will not waste it.

Can you say that about your current vendor?

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Should You Outsource Your EMS Billing?

 Should You Outsource Your EMS Billing?

In this post, we'll investigate the benefits of outsourcing your EMS Billing and Collections and the superior value that AIM Billing Services provides. 

But first, let’s review the factors that a prospective EMS Billing Services user must evaluate.

Is an EMS Billing Service Right For You?

Are you thinking about switching to an EMS Billing Service? Then consider the following:

  1. Do you have a hard time finding and keeping qualified EMS billers you can trust?

  2. Are you looking for Billing Services led by an experienced and qualified billing staff?
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The EMS Workflow: Five Critical Phases of EMS Software

Explore 5 critical phases of EMS software workflow

Workflow automation uses EMS software to link together the elements of workflow (events, tasks, resources) in an attempt to increase the speed, visibility and coordination by which the work gets done.

In this post, we'll probe a little more into the particulars of the five critical phases, generally understood to make up an online EMS software workflow, and the suggested best practices for each one.

The five critical EMS software workflow phases are:

  1. Call to Dispatch
  2. Dispatch to ePCR
  3. ePCR to QA/QI
  4. QA/QI to Billing
  5. Billing to Reimbursement

Although each phase is important by itself, they work best together as an integrated, overall EMS workflow process.

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Is Online EMS Software Right for You?

Is Online EMS Software Right for You?

Online software is an EMS information management solution. 

This is post we'll explore information management needs of EMS/ and ambulance service providers, the solutions currently available, and how the AIM System is strategically positioned to best meet your unique needs and improve your business’ bottom line.

In this post, we highlight online software as an EMS information management solution, and we examine the benefits of the our Online EMS Software. First let’s take a look at factors that a prospective Online EMS Software solution user must evaluate.

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