EMS Best Practice #1: Ditch Manual Dispatch Data Entry

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Accurate EMS dispatch is critical—it sets the stage for the ePCRs and insurance claims that follow. EMS agencies continue to struggle to make ends meet. The cost of EMS patient care continues to rise, while ambulance reimbursement rates continue to disappoint. In addition, Federal and state regulations continue to multiply. When payers and regulators fail to see the immense value EMS brings to healthcare, economical solutions can be hard to find.  This post is the first in a series that we'll be writing this year. Each post will highlight one of ten EMS best practices intended to help your agency revitalize your organization, increase efficiency, and improve revenue. 

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Customer Feature: Christina from NorthWest EMS

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  Hear from Christina who is the Division Chief of NorthWest EMS. She loves her job because she gets to help people and make a difference—the most rewarding work on earth.

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EMS New Year's Resolutions

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What are your EMS new year's resolutions for 2019? Maybe collecting all signature forms? Perhaps making sure you attach all EKG recordings to your ePCR? Or switching to EMS software like AIM to make life and work a little easier?

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How Holding January 2019 Claims Could Reduce EMS Agencies Exposure to Deductibles

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The new year is quickly approaching—that means new deductibles. How does your EMS Agency plan to handle exposure to deductibles this January? There is no way to completely alleviate the reduction of revenue your EMS agency will experience from deductibles, but there are ways to reduce your exposure. For instance, it's a common EMS billing practice to hold January Medicare Part B claims for 3-4 weeks before submitting. Sometimes it's longer, depending on the length of time that crossover takes. Doing this helps to reduce exposure to deductibles that minimize the number of patient pay claims. In other words, to reduce your exposure to deductibles, don't file too early in the year.

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Making EMS Dispatch Easier

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  The AIM EMS Dispatch Software MIGHT not make dispatching THIS easy... but it will make dispatching easier! Learn about AIM's integrated EMS Dispatch, EMS ePCR & EMS Billing Software and EMS Billing Services. 

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Tip of the Month: Mary from AIM Online EMS Software & Services

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EMS billing can be challenging. To make the process easier, Mary recommends improving EMS workflow with AIM's File Attachment feature which keeps the supporting documentation of EMS claims organized and easily accessible.

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Customer Feature: Jean from Community Ambulance Service

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We love learning about our customers! Today we feature, Jean, a billing specialist (and so much more!) from Community Ambulance Service. What’s her work music? What snacks are hidden in her desk?  Watch to find out. 

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Customer Testimonial: Jamie with Lumberton Emergency Squad on AIM’s EMS Billing Services

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Jamie from Lumberton Emergency Squad reflects on the professionalism and compassion of AIM EMS Billing Services and the value of being able to access her agency’s patient information and communicate with her billing service whenever needed.

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Is Your EMS Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management Costing You?

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Anyone who knows anything about EMS billing knows billers have enough on their plate. EMS billers work hard daily to prepare claims, ensure compliance, address denials, and much more. They do a great job, but often focus so much on taming that mountain of day-to-day tasks that they inadvertently neglect EMS accounts receivable management. EMS accounts receivable management attempts to resolve debtor balances, but also tracks how much revenue comes in and how long it takes to receive it. When EMS billers don’t consistently perform these tasks, the entire agency suffers the consequences. 

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Thank You,  Ambulance Billing Professionals!

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“Thank you” comes few and far between in EMS. Patients occasionally thank first responders, who definitely deserve it. They work in all climates, all environments, and whenever called. Behind the scenes, EMS billers and supporting staff are even less likely to receive recognition for their dedication and hard work.

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