The Importance of EMS Billing Staff to Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

It's crucial for EMS Billing Staff to stay updated on key HIPPA rules.

HIPAA, otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is an information security and privacy law that has made EMS billing more difficult to carry out due to its restriction of information uses from different healthcare providers.

EMS billing has felt the burden of this legislation due to the introduction of electronic and Medicare billing within the last 15 years. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers that deal in medical records have become less forthcoming with information on patient care, and in turn, it has become more difficult to provide a seamless transition of information when attempted to provide the best patient care.

This lack of education amongst other healthcare providers is just another important reason for educating EMS billing staff so that efficient ambulance billing and healthcare is maintained while being compliant with HIPAA.

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We Offer Great EMS Customer Service & Support

Great EMS Software Customer Service Matters

With AIM, you receive the best EMS customer service and support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality.

Not all customer service is created equal. In fact, many customers put up with sub-standard support and EMS services either because they don’t know anything better exists or they simply don’t know where else to turn.

EMS organizations don’t have access to many companies that can supply what they need, because few exist, and only a fraction offer decent EMS customer support and service.

With AIM, you receive the best EMS support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality, without sacrificing the value of our products. We won’t leave you hanging—your time is valuable, and AIM will not waste it.

Can you say that about your current vendor?

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Should You Outsource Your EMS Billing?

 Should You Outsource Your EMS Billing?

In this post, we'll investigate the benefits of outsourcing your EMS Billing and Collections and the superior value that AIM Billing Services provides. 

But first, let’s review the factors that a prospective EMS Billing Services user must evaluate.

Is an EMS Billing Service Right For You?

Are you thinking about switching to an EMS Billing Service? Then consider the following:

  1. Do you have a hard time finding and keeping qualified EMS billers you can trust?

  2. Are you looking for Billing Services led by an experienced and qualified billing staff?
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The EMS Workflow: Five Critical Phases of EMS Software

Explore 5 critical phases of EMS software workflow

Workflow automation uses EMS software to link together the elements of workflow (events, tasks, resources) in an attempt to increase the speed, visibility and coordination by which the work gets done.

In this post, we'll probe a little more into the particulars of the five critical phases, generally understood to make up an online EMS software workflow, and the suggested best practices for each one.

The five critical EMS software workflow phases are:

  1. Call to Dispatch
  2. Dispatch to ePCR
  3. ePCR to QA/QI
  4. QA/QI to Billing
  5. Billing to Reimbursement

Although each phase is important by itself, they work best together as an integrated, overall EMS workflow process.

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Is Online EMS Software Right for You?

Is Online EMS Software Right for You?

Online software is an EMS information management solution. 

This is post we'll explore information management needs of EMS/ and ambulance service providers, the solutions currently available, and how the AIM System is strategically positioned to best meet your unique needs and improve your business’ bottom line.

In this post, we highlight online software as an EMS information management solution, and we examine the benefits of the our Online EMS Software. First let’s take a look at factors that a prospective Online EMS Software solution user must evaluate.

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4 EMS Information Management Solutions

Information management insights for EMS and ambulance service providers

Explore the information management needs of EMS and ambulance service providers.

We'll start this post by investigating the information management solutions currently available. After that, we'll look at how the AIM System is strategically positioned to optimize and implement those solutions to best meet your ambulance information management needs.

What is ambulance information management and why is it so important?

After delivering quality patient care, the most essential aspect of any EMS/ambulance service provider’s successful business is to maintain and manage accurate, dependable ambulance reporting information.

Ambulance information management, quite simply, is a comprehensive approach in EMS tracking collection, storage, and manipulation of pre-hospital care data and documentation.

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AIM Can Help Improve EMS Compliance Programs

AIM Can Help Improve EMS Compliance Programs

Read the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Service's compliance reminder for EMS agencies that perform Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services.

The bulletin focuses on the high number of errors related to insufficient documentation for ALS transports, highlighting the 2015 Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Report that reflected an improper payment rate for ALS services of $226 million.

Most errors occur when documentation:

  • Does not support the medical necessity of the ALS level of service
  • Lacks the patient’s signature authorizing the supplier to bill Medicare for the service

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AIM Favors PA Legislation to Help EMS Services

AIM Favors PA Legislation to Help EMS Services

EMS is facing a crisis in our nation due to an increase of operating expenses, a decrease in volunteers, and a lack of Medicaid and commercial insurance reimbursement rates. 

Pennsylvania Medicaid rates have not been adjusted since 2004, while operating costs have continued to increase for EMS agencies. Legislation changes are needed at the government level before ambulance agencies are forced to close their doors, leaving no one available to answer 9-1-1 emergency calls.

Pennsylvania Representative Martin Causer is working to address these serious challenges due to limited funding and the shrinking number of volunteers. Rep. Causer has introduced House Bill 699 as a solution to reform the PA Medicaid reimbursement rates.

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Not All ePCRs Are Created Equal

AIM NEMSIS V3 ePCR helps Facility Users

AIM Facility User Access provides facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, access to ambulance trips specific to their facilities.

Not all ePCRs are created equal. AIM NEMSIS V3 ePCR helps Facility Users simplify the patient documentation process with enhanced Facility Access.

The AIM enhanced patient care software will simplify your workflow, eliminate redundancy and maximize accuracy with fully integrated cloud based EMS solutions. 

This will allow you to shift your focus from documentation headaches to important patient care matters and increase your EMS agency's profits.

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AIM Cares About EMS Professionals and the Struggle with Depression

AIM Cares about EMS Professionals and the Struggle with Depression

AIM Online EMS Software & Services is humbled by the service EMS providers give on a daily basis when responding to critical emergencies every minute of every hour.

We at AIM realize, the toll responding to life altering emergencies can play on your mental health.

AIM wants to highlight 2017 World Health Day’s campaign: Depression.

Let’s join in the effort to bring awareness to depression and encourage everyone to talk about removing the stigmas associated with depression. Depression is a treatable disease that often can be overcome with proper medical care. If you or a fellow crew member are struggling with depression, please reach out to get help.

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