The Age of EMS

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What is your EMS age? Sometimes, gauging your EMS age can be as simple as recalling the model number of your first cardiac monitor. Or, these days, it could be gauged by how you keep track of or store your EMS data.

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Tracking, Measuring and Improving EMS Data Entry and Documentation

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Creating a clinically solid, medically sound, and billing-compliant EMS patient care record is critical not just to patient health, but EMS operational health as well. How is your EMS operations measuring up? How do you use key metrics to improve your EMS data entry and documentation?

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Avoiding EMS Trip Report Delays

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Avoiding EMS Trip Report Delays 

EMS agencies have been talking about if/when to move away from paper EMS trip reports to electronic EMS trip reports for ages. In the past, the cost comparison between purchasing base computers or ruggedized laptops and handwritten EMS trip reports or scannable forms proved formidable barriers for so many EMS agencies. Thankfully, in recent years as EMS agencies have begun using ePCR software to document EMS trip reports with more frequency, discussions have moved away from paper versus electronic to the benefits of moving to Online EMS software versus on-site software.

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When EMS Forgets the Billing Info

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We get it! You’ve performed all of the skills you’ve learned since First Responder class, on this one patient.  The patient should name a kid after you, or at least the gold fish!  Here’s the thing, we can chat all day long about how a call went, and hopefully that detail is in your PCR narrative (maybe minus the part where you used the Hurst tool to break open the patient’s medicine cabinet). But, if you don’t have that billing information on the ePCR and the patient’s signature on the signature form, you might as well call off your next shift. Or, at least hide from the billing office and the supervisor! They will hunt you down! Lack of billing info leads to lack of payment, making it harder for you to continue the lifesaving work we love you for.

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Avoid Ambulance Dispatch Delays

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Emergency Room Entrance

Delays in EMS ambulance dispatch disrupt the entire EMS patient care process.  What begins as a non-issue can easily expand and impact crew resources, transport vehicle resources, patient satisfaction scores, referring agency satisfaction, and above all, patient care. Certainly, some delays are unavoidable due to traffic or other uncontrollable influences. However, given that EMS dispatch call delays can completely destroy the successful flow of EMS response to emergency and non-emergency scheduled and non-scheduled patient transport requests, the ambulance system must aim to minimize delays.

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Vital Signs

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Any experienced EMS professional knows how the story goes. You get on scene only to find that you left your paper assessment pad back at the station. You sort through all of your 37 pants and shirt pockets..NOTHING!

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Do What You Do Best Even Better:  Get Rid of Manual EMS Dispatch Data Entry

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While redundancy in phone lines and staff can ensure that no EMS dispatch events go untended, redundancy has no place in data entry. In fact, manual data entry in EMS dispatch can actually create problems of its own. With something as important as EMS dispatch, human error must be mitigated as much as possible. By utilizing a single point of data entry during call-taking and dispatching, the entire EMS dispatch workflow improves. 

EMS Cloud-Based Software Will Make Your Ambulance Agency Better

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EMS software using cloud technology

Are you still using outdated EMS software? If so, it's time to move to the cloud!

Experts say that cloud computing is the best and most practical option for businesses these days. Gone are the days of on-site servers, in-house IT techs, and software breeches.

Cloud-based business applications are being rapidly integrated into the business world from the software as a service (SaaS) to the platforms as a service (PaaS). Users can access data and computing power while miles away from the office and rest assured that data is protected and secure.

But can this really work for the healthcare professionals and EMS providers who need highly-sensitive information protected and backup services guaranteed?

The simple answer is YES.

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6 Important EMS Medical Claims Processing Best Practices

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6 Important EMS Medical Claims Processing Best Practices

Managing ambulance medical claims processing can be an extremely complex task—these best practices will help.

An insurance claim is a collection of data: We transported this patient (patient demographics) on this day (DOS encounter data). They had this issue (coding), we did this for them (coding), and they have this insurance (insurance data).

Get those five pieces of data right, and you will get paid; get any of them wrong or miss any information and getting paid is nothing short of a challenge.

To help prevent EMS medical claims processing challenges like getting wrong information or not securing what you need—here are six important best practices to follow.

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Key Ways to Improve EMS Claims Management and Reimbursement

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Discover ways to improve EMS claims management and healthcare reimbursement.

To keep pace with changes to health care reimbursement, EMS organizations need to reduce inefficiency in revenue cycle management.

More people than ever have health insurance under the ACA and, of those, many have Medicaid. With this shift, the average per run reimbursement is lower for many EMS agencies, and the climbing deductibles are making it even more challenging to collect from patients. Additionally, modifications to the ambulance fee schedule have impacted EMS departments and have placed negative pressure on revenue. It's clear that the ACA has impacted EMS reimbursement in many ways, of which, these are only a few.

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