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Keep EMS Workflow in Motion with Fewer Keystrokes Using AIM EMS Billing Software

EMS Billing Software is the third powerful step in AIM’s integrated dispatch, ePCR, and billing software solution.

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Maximize Revenue with Better EMS Reimbursement

EMS Billing Software | Better Reimbursement

EMS Billing Software by AIM helps you maximize revenue by eliminating common EMS reimbursement issues. Automatic data validation prevents incomplete and incorrect EMS claim submissions while helping you get bills out faster.

Our EMS Billing Software provides extensive configurability to reduce the need to re-type the same information over and over again. Create standard, logical workflows that save time and keystrokes.

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Get Paid Faster with Higher EMS Billing Data Quality

EMS Billing Software | Higher Quality Data

Reduce EMS billing denials and rejections with EMS Billing Software by AIM. Create tailored alerts based on a particular payor so that EMS billers see special notices when that payor is used.

Reduce common Medicare rejections with automatic error checking. Our EMS Billing Software helps you increase data quality with automatic data validation, mandatory and default field settings, and extensive list options, including codes, descriptions, and procedures.

Finally, electronic insurance claim submission lets you submit your EMS bills electronically and shorten payment cycles to their absolute minimum.

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Save Time with Improved EMS Billing Software & Workflow

EMS Billing Software | Integrated Software Workflow

Increase EMS biller productivity with AIM EMS Billing Software that simplifies electronic claims processing, doesn’t involve modem connections, and has integrations that reduce the need for manual audits from dispatch to ePCR to billing. 

EMS billers and managers can access our EMS Billing Software from any location with an internet connection, providing the ability to manage workloads, complete billing data entry, and transmit ambulance claims, anywhere, at any time.

With all your EMS documents online, dispatchers, crews, billers, and managers can easily communicate with each other and follow-up on assigned tasks from the station or a remote location.


Save Time on Eligibility Searching & Insurance Verification

EMS Billing Software | Eligibility Searching & Insurance Verification

Don’t waste time manually searching, entering, and correcting insurance information. Our EMS Billing Software has an Eligibility Feature that cuts the time it takes for eligibility searching and insurance verification in half—saving you valuable time and money while improving accuracy. Simply click 'Check Eligibility' and patient insurance information is automatically populated within seconds!

EMS billers can verify insurance in half the time it used to take, plus no manual data entry means no key-stroke errors. You can eliminate denials for service and stop wasting time on the phone with payers.

Worried about learning the new technology? The Eligibility Feature within our EMS Billing Software requires little to no training. After 30+ years in business, our online EMS software and services offer the best one-on-one support from industry professionals dedicated to the EMS community.

EMS Billing Software | Industry & Government Compliance

Keep Your EMS Billing Department or EMS Billing Service Compliant

EMS Billing Software | Industry & Government Compliance

Protect against fraudulent EMS billing and pass EMS audits with confidence using AIM's EMS Billing Software tools that assist billers in meeting the demands of industry and government compliance requirements.

AIM’s experienced and NAAC-certified EMS billers not only train EMS Billing Software users, they assist customers in understanding the standard EMS billing processes important to staying compliant.

EMS Billing Software by AIM comes with built-in tools and resources (Privacy Module, Audit Tracking, SOC Certified Disaster Recovery) that provide peace of mind in knowing your EMS billing data is safe from threats so that you can continue your daily routine without interruption.

EMS Billing Software | No Technology Headaches

Eliminate EMS Billing Software Technology Headaches

EMS Billing Software | No Technology Headaches

Spend less time and money on internal hardware, maintenance, and support of your EMS billing software. EMS Billing Software by AIM comes with unmatched online availability, which means your EMS service isn’t losing time and money due to hardware failures and downtime.

No more worrying about the security of your EMS billing data when AIM handles all back-ups, disaster recovery, patches, upgrades, and performance monitoring for your EMS service. AIM Online EMS Billing Software ensures your daily EMS billing routines continue without interruption – keeping your billing team productive.

EMS Billing Software | Low Monthly Cost

Increase Profits by Reducing Costs Related to EMS Software, Hardware & System Administration

EMS Billing Software | Low Monthly Cost

Avoid big one-time costs for hardware and administration to install, maintain, and support a complex, ever-changing IT network environment.

AIM Online EMS software allows you to budget a low recurring monthly cost instead of larger recurring annual expenses, and minimizes the overhead required to build, secure, and support an internal data center.


Use Reliable & Proven High-Quality EMS Billing Software

EMS Billing Software | Trustworthy Software

Our EMS Billing Software is a nationally recognized name. With over 30 years of providing quality EMS products and services to thousands of customers, AIM EMS Billing Software has proven its ability to help EMS billing operations run efficiently. AIM’s integrated EMS Dispatch, ePCR, and EMS Billing Software solutions are designed to fit any size organization and budget.


Improve EMS Billing Employee Satisfaction

EMS Billing Software | Improved Employee Satisfaction

We often hear positive feedback from EMS billers and EMS managers that have moved to our EMS Billing Software. Our EMS billing customers often comment on AIM’s qualified and courteous support staff and the ease of learning and using our EMS Billing Software. 

The fact that it is accessible online, in a secure and reliable environment, adds even more value for EMS billers and managers that need the flexibility to work and manage their EMS billing workloads from anywhere, at any time. Check out testimonials from our EMS Billing Software customers.

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