Maximize revenue and improve cash flow with AIM EMS Billing Software

Our cloud-based software helps hundreds of EMS agencies boost billing accuracy and cycle times for faster reimbursement.  

AIM is the trusted partner that leading agencies turn to for secure, reliable Billing Software that streamlines your work, improves revenue cycle management, and gets cash in the door faster. Our solution is purpose-built for EMS operations, by professionals with decades of EMS industry experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and nuances of EMS billing. Whether you’re replacing sub-par software or looking to take your billing in-house, AIM Billing Software is the smart choice.

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Capture more revenue faster with AIM EMS Billing Software

AIM understands the billing hurdles and cash flow challenges your EMS agency is facing. We’ve crafted an EMS-specific billing solution that helps you overcome those obstacles so you can capture more revenue faster, even in tough times. Agencies that use our software see their claim submission times drop by as much as 50%! 

Every feature and functionality is designed with your business goals in mind: to prevent incomplete and incorrect claim submissions, reduce denials and rejections, speed reimbursement, and keep cash flowing.   


Prevent Errors


Speed Reimbursement


Keep Cash Flowing

Software features like these can help you get accurate bills out faster and revenue in sooner: 

  • Electronic insurance claim submission
  • Automatic data validation
  • Automatic error checking
  • Mandatory and default field settings
  • Customized alerts and notices on payer activity
  • Extensive list options for codes, descriptions, and procedures 

Save time with streamlined processes and efficient workflow

Our EMS Billing Software incorporates everything you need to automate and streamline billing, boost efficiency, and prevent errors that slow reimbursement. You’ll be able to handle more billing volume, without adding headcount, for greater profitability.  

Enjoy a full set of standard features and the configurability to speed your processes and improve efficiency, including: 

  • Automated data quality validation
  • Fields that auto-populate to and from your PCR system, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Fast, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • Logical, customizable workflows that guide billers through every step and reduce keystrokes
  • Customizable hospital lists, with automatic importing of allowable charges
  • Alerts and notifications customized by payer, patient, or software user
  • Support for multiple billing clearinghouses

If you integrate AIM Billing Software with our dispatch or ePCR modules, you’ll also avoid the time and expense of integrating multiple vendors, training on disparate platforms, contacting separate support teams, and paying for recurring software interface updates. 

And with all your billing documents readily available online, your crews and billers will communicate more effectively and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying EMS Billing Software

Your Guide to Choosing the Best EMS Billing Solution for Your Needs

Cash flow is the lifeblood of an EMS agency. The right billing software keeps cash moving through the business. And as operating costs escalate, it’s more and more vital to choose the right partner.

This guide will help you navigate the EMS billing software decision process effectively. It offers recommendations on what to consider before you begin reviewing software options and outlines the most important criteria to evaluate as you assess both the software and the vendor that stands behind it.


Speed eligibility and insurance verification

Stop wasting time manually searching, entering, and correcting insurance information. AIM Billing Software cuts eligibility searching and insurance validation timeframes in half—reducing labor costs and speeding time to reimbursement.  

Your billers simply click “Check Eligibility,” and the patient’s insurance data automatically populates in seconds. With no manual data entry, you’ll see errors and denials drop. And with fewer accuracy problems, your billers will spend less time back-and-forth with payers.   

Best of all, the eligibility and insurance verification features are incredibly simple to use. Once your billers are trained on AIM Billing Software, they’ll be up and running fast.   

Maintain compliance with ease

Reduce the complexity of complying with HIPAA and other regulations by choosing AIM Billing Software. Our solution protects against fraudulent EMS billing, keeps your billing data safe from threats, and helps you pass EMS audits with confidence. And our NAAC-certified EMS billers go beyond just training on software features—ensuring your team understands the standard EMS billing processes that are critical to staying compliant. 

  • Use templates that ensure billers are collecting and tracking the right type of information on each patient for a strong audit trail
  • Separate billing responsibilities across different staff members for greater security
  • Implement audit tracking features that enable you to determine which employees have viewed or edited a bill

When you choose AIM EMS Billing Software, you’ll also gain the peace of mind that comes from partnering with an SOC-certified vendor, deeply committed to industry-standard practices for data security and privacy.


Eliminate headaches and cut costs with cloud-based EMS billing software

Our cloud-based Billing Software eliminates the administrative work and cost to install, maintain, update, and support software on multiple devices and the need for complex IT networks. Since AIM handles software backups, patches, and upgrades, you’ll never worry about your billing data security. And you’ll find it easier on your budget, replacing big capital expenditures with a known monthly cost.   

Your staff will also benefit by using cloud-based EMS Billing Software. It’s available anytime, anywhere, giving billers the flexibility to do their work remotely if needed. And it provides unmatched availability and uptime, avoiding costly work interruptions and keeping your billing team productive. 


Our satisfied clients say it all.


"We made the switch to AIM and wish we could have done it sooner. No more worries about hardware or backup issues, and we can get reports at a moment's notice."


"We have been using AIM for over 24 years. AIM and their support department have been with us all along ... always timely, knowledgeable, and friendly."




"You are just WONDERFUL people to work with. I've had the AIM Software System for over 15 years. Whenever I call, even with the most foolish questions, they always help."


"The software saved our company. We tried other big name software companies; however, AIM was the solution we were looking for, and it came at the most reasonable price."


“AIM has made my life so much easier! Billing isn't something that we knew how to do, and we have trusted it in the hands of people who know billing the best! We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with.”


“We have been able to make our office more efficient and effective, make sure all bills are going to where they need to go and are getting paid, track our claims more proficiently, and move them out the door much quicker than we were before!”


Enjoy the unparalleled service you deserve.

One point of contact. Superior Service and Support.

With decades of experience serving EMS agencies and a staff that’s just as committed to your financial health as you are, AIM is the partner you can count on to deliver an exceptional service experience. You’ll receive a level of service and guidance that’s second to none. In fact, you won’t find a more responsive, accessible, or caring group of professionals in the industry! 

We get you up and running fast, following a proven implementation process that keeps your project on track. Our training goes far beyond software features, actually helping your billers optimize their workflow to simplify processes and speed reimbursement.  

Once you’re implemented, our knowledgeable, passionate service team provides responsive, accurate support whenever you need it. We’re available by phone, email, and live chat.  

Long after your implementation, we continue to provide value by offering recommendations that help you get the most from your EMS Billing Software features.  

Keep current on EMS trends and topics with our informative videos, case studies, e-books, and more!


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