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Ambulance Billing Best Practice: Insurance Verification Tips that Result in Payment

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Improve ambulance billing efficiency and lower EMS claim rejections.  This blog post is part of a series that addresses ambulance billing best practices. Our ambulance billing blog series will highlight tips and insights to help you improve EMS billing efficiency and lower ambulance claim rejections. Finding a productive ambulance billing groove will help your EMS agency improve performance and increase revenue.

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CMS 855B Enrollment Best Practices for Ambulance Billing

Ambulance Billing & EMS Best Practices

Need to bill and receive payment from Medicare? Discover ambulance billing tips for initial enrollment and for keeping your CMS 855B application up-to-date. In order to bill and receive payment from Medicare, ambulance services must first enroll by completing a CMS 855B application. Unfortunately, initial enrollment isn’t the only time an ambulance service will need to deal with the CMS 855B application. The CMS 855B needs revisited and maintained in scenarios such as provider information changes, reactivation, and revalidation. This post, the first in our Ambulance Billing Best Practices blog series, shares tips and resources that will help in frequent CMS 855B scenarios.

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