Maries-Osage Ambulance District enjoys the great growth and success they have seen since joining AIM

Helping Maries-Osage Ambulance District Grow


Maries-Osage Ambulance District has been in business since 1978. While they had been able to operate as a successful business, Maries-Osage faced the growing challenge of accessing their information anywhere if they needed to work outside of their physical office. With the advent of the internet, Maries-Osage knew they needed to be able to tap into their business anytime, from anywhere.


Maries-Osage Ambulance District is a rural municipal ambulance service in Vienna, Missouri. Being a small rural service, they maintain three ambulances, two of which are staffed 24/7. They service a broad area, spanning from just south of the state capital and less than an hour from the Lake of the Ozarks. Last year they saw a total of 703 calls, with a YTD count of 358 calls.


After the advent of the internet, Maries-Osage Ambulance district needed a product that they could utilize remotely, instead of being bound by their physical office location. This is especially important to Maries-Osage, as they are a rural service covering a large geographic area. In addition to a web-based service, Maries-Osage needed an EMS Online workflow that offered dependable support, faster reimbursement, and overall efficiency billing.


After extensive research and evaluation, Maries-Osage Ambulance District decided to utilize the AIM Online EMS Systems to handle the entire software workflow in their system for their EMS Billing. In the 15 years they have been with AIM, they have been able to consistently update and grow their systems, which have been able to seamlessly adapt to the growth and development of Maries-Osage Ambulance District. As the local communities have grown and populations have increased, the ambulance calls have dramatically increased. This has been supported every step of the way by AIM, and Maries-Osage hasn’t had any major difficulties in accommodating the growth.


In the past 15 years, Maries-Osage Ambulance District has seen a six figure growth. Not only has their call volume significantly increased, but the payment time and overall timelines have been cut in half. AIM has been able to solve the three main points of success for Maries-Osage: quicker reimbursement, increased revenue, and all with an extremely dependable support team. 

What have I been happy with? Everything about AIM. Customer service is excellent. They always get back to me immediately if I have a question. Always follow up consistently to make sure things are going well.

– Carla, Billing Manager

AIM Online EMS Software and Services is able to help local municipal and private ambulance and EMS companies grow with the growth of their communities. Even drastic changes in call volume is not a problem for AIM. Significant decreases in payment time and mobile capabilities help streamline the entire workflow, all while giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere you have internet connectivity. If you want to update your EMS system, give us a call or drop us a line. We’re happy to give you a free evaluation and price quote.

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