10 Ambulance Billing Best Practices


Improve EMS Billing Efficiency, Reduce Claim Rejections, and Get Paid Faster

EMS billing isn’t the same as general medical billing. We know because we’re experts in it. We understand the nuances and complexities that EMS billing involves, and we know how to navigate the challenges to prevent reimbursement denials.

In this guide, we’ve compiled 10 of our top tips for EMS billing including:

  1. Get the Hospital Face Sheet at Transport Time
  2. Collect Vital Billing Information at Dispatch
  3. Train EMS Dispatchers to Verify Hospital-to-Hospital Transport Documentation
  4. Verify EMS Crew Credentials with Service Level
  5. Systemize Your Method for Proving Medical Necessity

To get the full details (and see the remaining 5 tips) download the guide.

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