Raystown Ambulance Captures More Revenue Faster by Outsourcing Billing to AIM


The Challenge: High Costs & Delays of In-House Billing

From its humble beginnings in 1976 as a small group of volunteers, Raystown Ambulance Service has evolved into a full-service operation staffed with 27 full-time and 10-12 part-time employees. Based in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, the agency provides emergency and non-emergency transports across a broad region that includes major universities and hospitals. As one of just two area agencies that operate 24/7, Raystown Ambulance has seen its call volume steadily rise to its current average of 3,000-3,200 calls annually.

Download the case study to learn how Raystown Ambulance Service:

  • Cut the timeframe from transport to receiving associated revenue by roughly two-thirds.
  • Achieved a much steadier cash flow by optimizing their billing process.
  • Improved their ability to budget and make decisions about hiring, scheduling, and equipment investments.

Download the Case Study