AIM Online EMS Workflow


Workflow Cycle


Empower Your EMS Operations

  • Produce real results for better performance with online EMS Dispatch, ePCR, and Billing software, training, and support.
  • Improve EMS billing reimbursement and operational processes
  • Save time
  • 24/7 access to EMS operation data

Deliver Quality EMS Services

  • Software development based on best practices and customers’ needs
  • Exceptional quality and response rating in both customer support and training
  • NAAC certified EMS billers
  • Reduced errors in state reporting and claims processing

Get Higher Productivity from EMS Crews and EMS Billers

  • Get proper training
  • Effective EMS Software
  • Knowledgeable, timely support
  • Timely updates do to legislative changes
  • Exceptional uptime, less downtime
  • Expert EMS billing staff


  • More than 30 years of experience in delivering quality EMS software and services

Gain Peace of Mind

  • 24/7 internet access
  • Total cost of ownership reduction
  • Fault tolerance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Trained administrators
  • Elimination of technology headaches
  • Security standards

Improve Performance and Employee Satisfaction

  • Designed, built and tested to meet EMS requirements
  • Repeatable EMS business processes
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Quality Support
  • Experienced EMTs and EMS billers on staff

Avoid Big One-Time Costs for Hardware and EMS Software

  • Zero installation costs
  • Minimized hardware costs
  • Reduced IT staff and IT environment
  • Low monthly membership 

Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Reduce errors


We are very pleased with our move to AIM Online. The ability to remote into the program from any locations is a great benefit. The updates that come overnight also help eliminate down time for our staff. We can work away from the office, which also saves time.

– Eastern Area PreHospital Services Inc.