AIMing High in EMS Leadership: Brian LaCroix


Some opportunities are a special gift and honor, whether it is saving a patient’s life or advancing one’s involvement in an organization with a great mission. Brian LaCroix, President of National EMS Management Association (NEMSA) has begun his journey of a two-year term in his role as president for the organization dedicated to supporting and educating leaders in paramedicine. His honorable accreditation presides his threshold of retirement from EMS Chief for Allina Health.

Throughout his career, LaCroix has worked in public safety for 34 years and as the full-time EMS Chief for Allina Health the past 22 years. Allina Health is the largest EMS operation based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with 20% of the state receiving its prestigious care. Its staff of 620 as well as field dispatchers and mechanics of 300 receive 340 calls a day amounting to 120,000 patient contacts per year. Staying on top of the medical game is an understatement for the hospital’s supportive hands and impeccable systems, thanks to leaders like Mr. LaCroix.

In his commitment to NEMSA, LaCroix will focus on supporting, educating and advocating for leaders in the career field of paramedicine while advancing credentials in supervisory, managing and executive paramedic officer programs. Existing and aspiring leaders can grow into stronger leaders in the community to learn each of the languages in the three focused dynamics. Each of the competency requirements will inevitably help enhance the structured environment in public safety and provisions of ambulance service since the foundations of EMS beginning in the U.S. during the 1960s. LaCroix is a leader in the public safety realm, and AIM is proud to highlight his achievements and his positive impact to the community.

Topics: EMS News