Cloud Security with AIM's EMS Workflow

Are your records backed up manually by your ambulance agency?

It's time to get cloud security and adopt cloud-based technology at your station.

Higher costs, less reimbursement, tightening regulations, and fewer resources are just a few of the struggles ambulance agencies face. Add outdated software, the upkeep of on-site servers, and disaster recovery problems to the equation, and it's enough to put your company on the brink of disaster.

If data quality and security are not properly protected, they can become real issues that can create a nightmare for your administration if the system goes down, is hacked, or fails without notice.

How can you prevent a catastrophic breakdown of EMS technical infrastructure and loss of valuable records? The answer is simple: move to an EMS software that hosts cloud storage.


What is meant by cloud security and technology?

Cloud software and services are not hosted on servers located in your office building. Rather, they are hosted from a remote and secure data center that can be freely accessed and used anywhere via internet access.

Why use cloud security for record storage?

On average, companies that transition to a cloud-based SaaS product from a capital-heavy, on-premise technology infrastructure enjoy a spending reduction of more than 15% according to data collected by Computer World.

Instead of investing in additional in-house server capacity and software licenses, companies can move to a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) subscription.

Rather than installing a suite of software programs on multiple computers, with cloud-based technology, you only require a login. By doing this, everyone on your team can use your EMS agency's business subscription to log into the software and enjoy on-demand access.


Should agencies move to an EMS cloud software?

The experts at InfoWorld say that cloud computing is the only feasible and practical option for businesses—but it's not difficult to understand the special concerns of EMS providers.

The healthcare sector has different concerns about privacy and reliability. EMS is a large-volume, high-paced utility with intricate communication requirements. There is patient confidentiality to consider and regulations that must be followed. The special needs of healthcare are one reason this industry has lagged behind others in implementing cloud services.

While the shift has lagged, Forbes magazine reports that 83% of healthcare organizations have now moved to the cloud. Only 6% of the providers surveyed stated they were not interested in cloud technology.


If your EMS agency is not using any form of cloud security or closed-based protected storage hosting, you're behind the curve.

There is a good reason why many medical practices, hospitals, and EMS agencies are willing to trust cloud-based services. Cloud software technology is allowing them to augment their capabilities and add value not only for the staff but their patients and community.

EMS has a responsibility to the public that includes keeping their personal information private. At the same time, the EMS community is facing the same budget restrictions and security issues as any other medical business. Healthcare reform is tightening regulations for every discipline including emergency services.

How do agencies benefit from adopting EMS cloud technology?

The main reason EMS professionals are moving to the cloud is because it offers unique benefits they can’t get from on-site software.

A cloud storage solution for EMS agencies offers many benefits. Here are just a few.

  • It's fast to deploy
  • It's easy to manage
  • It's able to reduce operating expenses
  • It's energy efficient
  • It's cost-effective—reduces labor (installs, backups, updates)
  • It offers 24/7 access, anywhere there is a secure internet connection
  • It offers increased security
  • It mitigates exposing critical data including PHI
  • It offers SOC 2 compliance
  • It improves employee satisfaction
  • It complies with industry and government mandates including HIPAA Compliance and NEMSIS standards

Working in the cloud gives you 24/7 access to the latest version of your software. No more paying for upgrades and worrying about whether your system is HIPAA compliant or secure.

Opting for cloud-based EMS software not only gives your agency cost savings, but it gives your staff access to quality integrated online workflow processes that will improve efficiency from call intake all the way from dispatch to reimbursement.


What cloud security and hosting services are available to ambulance agencies?

The function of your cloud service will depend on a number of factors, but the right platform can host and/or offer these software services—

  • EMS dispatch
  • EMS ePCR (Patient Care Reporting)
  • EMS billing
  • EMS reimbursement management with Ambulance Billing Services
  • Integrated EMS workflow suite (EMS dispatch, ePCR, and billing)

Each is intuitive and user-friendly, available anytime and anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection, and result in real cost savings—especially when utilizing a cloud-based workflow all the way from dispatch and ePCR to billing.

EMS online dispatch, ePCR, and billing software and billing services are available for ambulance agencies—there's no more need for sticky notes, spreadsheets, or whiteboard annotations.


AIM offers a complete EMS cloud-based software solution.

With three decades of experience, AIM has a deep understanding of the EMS and ambulance industry. We are positioned to deliver software solutions to fit your organizational needs. Coupled with our commitment to customer service, AIM has industry specialists on staff to answer your questions.

Our integrated, state-of-the-art, cloud storage systems offer less administrative server updates on your end, optimal workflow options for your crew, and an increase in revenue for your organization. And AIM’s mission-critical software gives your staff the ability to access your account anywhere and anytime through a secure internet connection.

Since EMS software is hosted in a cloud—there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or be tied to a desk. Dispatch, ePCR, and billing software can be securely accessed from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection.

Upgrading your EMS infrastructure to the cloud translates to overall cost savings, increased ROI, elimination of excessive paperwork, and fewer administrative headaches.

Working in the cloud also means emergency medical services need fewer IT specialists on-site to support their servers and system and little to no money spent on hardware expenditures because all you need is a computer and high-speed internet.


AIM's Online EMS Workflow Software and Services includes—

Our software seamlessly integrates with one another to form the perfect EMS workflow, and offers affordable monthly subscription options that include all the necessary support.

Our hosting partner, Expedient, is part of a network of nationwide data centers, and offers the best in cloud hosting, cloud computing, remote data backups, storage networks, and more. Expedient specializes in supporting governmental and healthcare entities that require the highest level of privacy, security, and compliance. Their cloud services protect against data loss, financial loss—and directly related—reputation damage.

Do you know how much downtime could cost your business? Keep your business functioning at 99.9% with AIM's Online EMS Workflow Software and Services.

Taking EMS to the Cloud

Our deep understanding of the EMS industry coupled with decades of experience means we are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that your organization can really use.

This book explores the ways using the Cloud for your EMS systems can benefit your organization and give you an idea of what to expect from the process.

From increased productivity and efficiency to the ease of working on the go, Cloud computing has plenty to offer EMS organizations of any size.

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