Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance Conference , April 10-13 2017

Payer mixes are forever changing, cash flow is tighter than ever before, and compliance concerns in EMS continue to grow—all good reasons to attend the upcoming abc360 Conference in St. Louis on April 10-13th.

AIM will be on hand to talk with EMS managers, compliance professionals, and billing specialists about the latest challenges facing EMS. AIM’s Online EMS Workflow suite, including Dispatch, ePCR, Billing Software and Billing Services could be the answer to some of these challenges, including data collection, compliance, and reimbursement.

The National Conference on Ambulance Revenue Cycle Management and Compliance offers all NEW content and is 100% con-ed approved. The St. Louis Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch. Participants will gain practical knowledge that Ambulance Billers and Coders need for successful reimbursement. The comprehensive educational event will benefit EMS leaders, executives and compliance professionals.

There is still time to register! Click here to Register for abc360 St. Louis.

Looking to schedule a dedicated time to talk to AIM at the conference? Schedule a time in advance, please call 1-800-726-4690 or email 

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