New AIM Online Billing Eligibility Feature

Don’t waste time manually searching, entering, and correcting insurance information. The NEW AIM Online Billing Eligibility Feature eliminates manual searching and data entry with a quick and simple point & click.

How it works: Just click 'Check Eligibility' and patient insurance information is automatically populated within seconds!

Billers are saying things like:

  1. I can verify insurance in half the time it used to take me.
  2. No manual data entry means no key-stroke errors.
  3. I eliminated denials for service.
  4. I stopped wasting time on the phone with payors.
  5. I no longer need to correct data entry mistakes.  

Worried about learning the new technology? The AIM Online Billing Eligibility Feature requires little to no training. After 30+ years in business, AIM Online EMS Software & Services offers a one-on-one support level from professionals dedicated to the EMS community.

The bottom lineOur NEW Billing Eligibility Feature cuts the time it takes for eligibility searching and insurance verification in half, saving you valuable time and money, while improving accuracy. 

Set up a 15-minute appointment today to learn more. Call us at 1-800-726-4690.

We know your time is valuable. It will only take us 15 minutes to demonstrate the benefits of the AIM Online Billing Eligibility Feature.

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