Customer Testimony: City of Bradford

A long-time AIM customer happy with the decision to move online...

After reviewing all the requirements of a Compliance Program including disaster recovery, breech issues, etc., the City decided to meet with our biller, City Clerk, and City Treasurer (whose office receives and processes all payments for the General Fund) to prepare the Fire Department's "wish list" for the 2014 budget.

During the meeting it became clear that we either had to institute numerous changes to meet all the Compliance program standards, which in essence would nickel and dime us to death, or make the jump to AIM Online.

We made the switch to AIM Online prior to the 2013 year-end, and all has worked out better than expected; wish we could have done it sooner... no more worries about hardware issues, back up issues, getting reports at a moment's notice, etc. Everything is at our fingertips as long as we have a computer with an internet connection. And since the City depends on the Ambulance revenue, it gave us peace of mind to know that if our biller needs time off or decides to retire, that we won't be in panic mode since AIM's Billing Service can jump in at a moment's notice so there won't be a stop in cash flow. So the City is dotting its I's and crossing its T's for the government... Thanks to AIM Online!

- City of Bradford

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