5 Ways an End-to-End EMS Solution Can Improve Your EMS Agency

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5 Ways an End-to-End EMS Solution Can Improve Your EMS Agency

From dispatch to collections, learn how finding a unified operational solution for your EMS agency can increase compliance and reduce overhead costs.

EMS1 published an informative article on the 5 ways an end-to-end EMS solution can improve your agency, from call intake, to transport, to billing—creating an efficient online workflow that can be accessed anywhere.

Here's a brief overview of the 5 ways.

1. Less overhead

The main benefits of a cloud solution for your agency is that it’s cost-effective, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

2. Reimbursement

Another common issue facing EMS agencies is getting reimbursed after services have been rendered. AIM’s Online EMS Workflow can help agencies get reimbursed faster. By automatically validating insurance during—or even before—transport takes places can help avoid these errors while saving time for the crew in the field.

3. Compliance

AIM Online EMS also offers an easy way to maintain compliance by automatically collecting the necessary data. The cloud software updates automatically whenever legislative changes come into effect, taking the burden off of the agency and making it easy to ensure you’re in the right.

4. Cloud-based 

Having your data in the cloud provides many benefits to your agency. It means your data can be accessed from anywhere. Managers can reference data at home, and crews can upload the information they get from anywhere. AIM Online allows you to work from anywhere to keep getting claims processed in a timely manner.

5. Holistic solution

Each of these capabilities can be gained through an information management service, but to really reap the benefits of reduced time and work, you want to look for an integrated, holistic solution that offers all of them, such as AIM Online EMS Workflow.

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