Having an Efficient Workflow is Critical to the Success of Your EMS Organization

EMS Workflow

Having a Well-Defined, Efficient Workflow is Critical to the Success of Your EMS Organization

An efficient and powerful workflow is important to successful EMS dispatch, ePCR, and medical billing.

What is workflow? At its most basic level, workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task. This definition includes everything from planning dinner to managing an efficient and successful EMS organization. However, the more complex a given workflow, the greater the need for optimization, efficiency and integration of processes.

Why is Workflow important in EMS?

After providing patient care, the most essential aspect of any EMS/Ambulance Service provider’s successful business is the ability to maintain and manage accurate, dependable ambulance information. So, in the EMS world, having a well-defined, efficient workflow is critical to the successful capture and transfer of that information. From the initial dispatch/call intake, to documenting of the patient care report to getting the bill out the door, finally leading to payment for EMS services provided. If any information is lost or misplaced at any point in the workflow, then you run the risk of not meeting organizational goals such as good patient care, maximizing EMS billing revenue and contributing to public health and safety.

An Example of a Well-Defined EMS Workflow

All EMS providers will have somewhat different activities that make up their workflow, however there are some fundamental actions that all organizations should incorporate into their overall process. These include:

  • Dispatching the EMS crew to the scene in a timely fashion
  • Treating the patient effectively
  • Documenting the patient care as per regulations
  • Quality assuring that the ePCR is complete and accurate
  • Collecting supporting documentation for the patient’s financial responsibility
  • Submitting the ePCR to required agencies in a timely fashion
  • Submitting the complete dispatch and ePCR information in a timely manner to the EMS billing department for data entry
  • Quality assurance of the EMS billing data entry
  • Billing of the primary insurer
  • Posting of payments and working rejections from primary insurer
  • Rebilling other responsible parties
  • Issuing monthly statements to responsible parties
  • When you combine a well-defined EMS workflow with the power of an integrated, online EMS solution, you begin to realize an even greater return on investment or ROI on the time and resources invested in operations.

When you combine a well-defined EMS workflow with the power of an integrated, online EMS solution, you get a greater ROI.

Efficiency in Integration and Online Access

An integrated, online EMS workflow is optimized for ease of use and maximum throughput of patient information. Non-integrated systems are inherently inefficient and prone to causing mistakes, omissions of key documentation, improper patient care and lost revenue.

Common Issues within a Non-Integrated EMS Workflow

EMS dispatch, ePCR, and billing computer systems are complex, dynamic, and critical moving parts that have to be properly managed and integrated or problems will occur. If you do not have complete control of these systems you will have issues arise such as:

  • Dealing with multiple products and vendors that may not be compatible
  • A lack of important information/data sharing between systems
  • Duplication/overlap of effort
  • Manual data entry and/or struggling with paper-based systems

EMS Information Flow

AIM offers EMS providers an answer to these common problems, with its integrated online EMS workflow solution. This streamlined system takes you through the entire EMS cycle, from dispatch, to ePCR and finally to billing. By consolidating EMS operations on one online platform, you get away from paper-based forms, reduce data entry and errors, eliminate duplication/overlap and get paid faster. Basically, you get a 360° view of your entire EMS operation from the time of the call all the way through to getting your money in the door!

Information Technology

AIM allows EMS organizations to get out of the technology business and back to the core pursuit of patient care. We do this by allowing you to take advantage of cutting-edge SaaS (Software as a Service) web-based technology, which provides:

  • Online EMS Dispatch, ePCR, and EMS Billing software, training, and support
  • Improved communications between dispatchers, crews, billers and management
  • 24x7 internet access
  • Repeatable EMS business processes
  • Reduced staffing and overhead of your computer systems
  • Nearly 30 years of delivering quality EMS software and services


So why use AIM? Well, AIM improves your operations to deliver quality EMS services, achieve higher productivity from dispatchers, crews and EMS billing staff and increase revenue. The bottom line is: that you will achieve a defined, integrated EMS workflow that is all online and available anytime, anywhere. In addition, AIM also provides EMS billing services if you have the need to outsource the billing function and thereby improving billing and your cash flow.

In conclusion, if you want to optimize your EMS workflow with an integrated online EMS software solution, that manages run data from dispatch to final payment, contact AIM at 800.726.4690 to learn more.

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