Making the Argument for Electronic Patient Care Records

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Sometimes, EMS billing staff ask field providers to help find a copy of a patient care record. This might work out alright… until the field providers get busy with other things. Sure, the PCR ends up where it needs to be, but all the lost time adds up-and it’s expensive. 

If you want to bypass the delay, ePCR is your answer. Electronic patient care records combine with today’s advancements in data security to give the EMS billing department, the ambulance managers, and all of those involved in the QA/QI process access to patient care records at any time, on almost any type of electronic device.

Let’s let the field providers stick to what they do best, treating patients. Move your ambulance billing process to an electronic, digital workflow. Once you make the switch to electronic patient care reporting, you won’t be able to imagine going back to paper PCRs.

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