What’s Topping Every EMS Biller’s Christmas List This Year?

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Billers christmas wish list

Many of us make a Christmas wish list this time of year…even EMS billers! Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, they’re hoping for new software features that make their work faster, easier, and more accurate.  

When we asked EMS billers what they most want this year, the answer was clear: Better functionality for bill posting. If this must-have item tops your wish list, you’ll appreciate that AIM has made several useful additions to the posting functionality in our EMS Billing Software

Making the List and Checking it Twice

Just like the man in the red suit collects everyone’s gift lists, AIM is always checking in with our clients to learn what they most want and need in our software solutions and services. In talking with clients about their EMS bill posting needs specifically, we found these three items topped the list for our clients this year:  

  • The ability to handle all the Explanation of Benefit (EOB) posting from one screen, eliminating the need to view separate screens to complete the posting manually 
  • Automatic linking of the EOB to the transaction 
  • Anything else that can further speed the posting process 

So we quickly got to work and developed new bill posting features to meet these objectives and strengthen our EMS Billing Software, saving billers more time and simplifying their work.  

A Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Our newest features make postings faster and easier in many ways: 

  • You can now handle EOB posting all on one screen, with the EOB linked to the transaction. 
  • If the case involves more the one payer—for example, Medicare is the primary payer, and any remaining balance needs to be billed to Medicaid—you can automatically rebill to the next payer. 
  • If a claim crosses over to a secondary payer, you can fast-track that payer to a printed/transmitted status simply by using the Crossover checkbox option. 
  • If there are multiple payers on the same EOB, you can easily update the associated codes and crossover payers.  
  • You can take advantage of lots of other time-saving features, with the ability to view payment details by selecting the + button, see the current payer’s Bill and Account status, view EOB codes just by hovering with your mouse, and remove postings using the Delete option. 

Gift-Wrapped and Ready to Deliver 

We’ve added all these new posting features to the AIM EMS Billing Software and we’re eager to release them. Our internal billers have been testing the additions and found they can save significant time in their work—cutting as much as eight hours each week, just for posting tasks.  

We’re set to deliver these new enhancements in early 2024. So, stay tuned for this post-Christmas gift! 


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