When EMS Forgets the Billing Info

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EMS Cartoon 2 Final

We get it! You’ve performed all of the skills you’ve learned since First Responder class, on this one patient.  The patient should name a kid after you, or at least the gold fish!  Here’s the thing, we can chat all day long about how a call went, and hopefully that detail is in your PCR narrative (maybe minus the part where you used the Hurst tool to break open the patient’s medicine cabinet). But, if you don’t have that billing information on the ePCR and the patient’s signature on the signature form, you might as well call off your next shift. Or, at least hide from the billing office and the supervisor! They will hunt you down! Lack of billing info leads to lack of payment, making it harder for you to continue the lifesaving work we love you for.

AIM wants to help you stay out of the EMS billing department’s dog house! Check us out online or give us a call today!

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