EMS Agencies Find Benefits with Cloud-Based Software

EMS Cloud Software

EMS Agencies Find Benefits with Cloud Based Software

Your EMS agency faces critical, lifesaving incidents everyday leaving little time to deal with operational related challenges.

Your EMS agency faces critical, lifesaving incidents everyday leaving little time to deal with operational related challenges including reimbursement issues, budget restraints, staffing concerns, and EMS data quality and security.

The last thing your agency has time to worry about are things like dated software, life time of servers, and disaster recovery problems.

However, the reality is, data quality and security are real issues that can create a nightmare for your administration if the system goes down, is hacked, or fails without notice.  If you think your current EMS technical infrastructure is at risk—AIM can help!

AIM EMS Online Software & Services has witnessed many of our customers migrate from their existing AIM Onsite program to realize the advantages of AIM’s Online EMS Workflow™ software.

Our integrated, state of the art, cloud-based systems offers less administrative server updates on your end, optimal workflow options for your crew, and an increase in revenue for your organization.

AIM’s mission critical software gives your staff the ability to access your account anywhere and anytime through a secure internet connection.

Here are the top 10 reasons to consider moving to AIM Online:

  1. Pain Free Backup and Disaster Recovery
  2. 24x7x365 Monitoring
  3. High Return on Investment, Hardware Costs Decline
  4. Access Your Information Anywhere, Any Time
  5. Total Cost of Ownership Reduced, Affordable Monthly Memberships
  6. No Hidden Software Maintenance Fees
  7. All Software Upgrades Handled for You
  8. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  9. Time Saving Features for Faster Reimbursement
  10. Existing Data Converted Automatically

If you are dreading the thought of researching the cost of a new server and the administrative costs associated with maintaining computer networks, let AIM show you the benefits of converting to cloud-based software

Our experienced team at AIM wants to help your EMS agency succeed!  With 3 decades of EMS software experience, AIM is driven to serve the people that save lives.

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