Vital Signs

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Any experienced EMS professional knows how the story goes. You get on scene only to find that you left your paper assessment pad back at the station. You sort through all of your 37 pants and shirt pockets..NOTHING!

You begin your assessment workflow and start documenting vital signs by writing on the back of your glove.  At some point, you realize you had to toss those gloves in the garbage and that’s where the initial vital signs are too!  Now you search every nook, cabinet, bag as well as behind all of the seats for something that can be used as an impromptu assessment pad.  At last resort, you enlist the help of a single package of 4x4’s or even a trauma dressing. Aha!

During transport, you realize you’re out of white space on the 4x4 package and start documenting your sequential vital signs on the patient’s pillowcase! Vital signs are everywhere.

Eventually you’re at the E.D and you might look like this guy! Random pieces of paper stuffed in every pocket, but where is what you need for your verbal report?  Uh-oh! Time to improvise!

Avoid that paper mess!  Go ePCR to the patient’s bedside!  Never look for loose patient notes again!

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