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Great EMS Software Customer Service Matters

With AIM, you receive the best EMS customer service and support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality.

Not all customer service is created equal. In fact, many customers put up with sub-standard support and EMS services either because they don’t know anything better exists or they simply don’t know where else to turn.

EMS organizations don’t have access to many companies that can supply what they need, because few exist, and only a fraction offer decent EMS customer support and service.

With AIM, you receive the best EMS support available in the industry because we emphasize courtesy, competency and quality, without sacrificing the value of our products. We won’t leave you hanging—your time is valuable, and AIM will not waste it.

Can you say that about your current vendor?

Even the best software is worthless if you don't know how to use it.


We’ve had many customers come to AIM after experiencing nonresponsive, and unhelpful service/support from other vendors. Could you likewise benefit from a switch to AIM?

EMS Customer Service 101

  • Are your calls answered promptly and professionally by U.S.-based service agents?
  • Are the agents knowledgeable, helpful, and eager to resolve any issues?
  • Is your call treated in a courteous manner?
  • Is the EMS software setup process quick and easy to follow?

For every "no" answered your business forfeits growth.

At AIM, we strive to provide professional, courteous and prompt service/support. Our informed, EMS Software Support agents always go the extra mile, to resolve your questions considerately and quickly.

Support That Diminishes Technology and Hardware Headaches

If your current EMS software requires the need for in-house IT staff or consultants to manage the selection, installation and setup of a server machine, you may want to consider the value of a fully supported Online EMS solution like AIM. AIM has customers with configurations to whom we provide all service pack updates and IT assistance.

AIM’s partnership with Expedient Data Centers further ensures your data is accessible, safe, secure, and stored; cloud data centers are constantly monitored to ensure your business continuity.

Application Functionality Time Tested By Those That Support It

Introduced prematurely to the market, some EMS software products are far from ready for use. These products often lack features, refinement, and functionality, and when you need answers; their customer support doesn’t seem to have the knowledge needed to support it.

AIM develops all of its own products and utilizes a rigorous quality testing process, which includes all members of the customer support team, prior to new software and upgrade releases.

Our EMS Software products are fully integrated, working together to provide customers with an automated workflow, which we know exactly how to provide EMS service and support.

Don't settle for anything less than AIM's integrated EMS software system.

EMS Software Training Customized For Specific EMS Workflows

Does your vendor provide software training? If so, who instructs?

AIM employs full-time instructors to provide customers with comprehensive training that gets them up and running fast. The EMS customer services training focuses on each individual customer’s workflow, demonstrating application usage through real-life scenarios.

Our EMS Software training doesn’t stop after initial application training. AIM’s customer resource library and support services are available to make sure you get the most out of your EMS Software, including:

  • Self-paced Application Tutorials designed to make it easy for continued education.
  • Flexible training schedules to accommodate your hectic schedule and individual learning needs.
  • Software manuals that incorporate real-life scenarios

We continually update our resources and staff for the BEST customer experience.

Problem Resolution The First Time You Call

How well does your vendor respond to EMS software questions and concerns? Do you receive help immediately?

AIM’s professional support team prides itself on quickly answering most questions via phone or email. However, it’s not because they are just trying to get to the next call, our customer service agents simply answer questions and resolve issues correctly the first time. Having the capability to remotely connect to your computer and take a look at your issue real-time, there is no barrier to what you are trying to explain. Our capable EMS customer support team addresses and solves both simple and complex issues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AIM Software Systems. I have had the AIM System for more than 15 years. The software has provided our company with all the capabilities to keep our wheels moving. The software is great and the Support is outstanding! I have never had a problem that the Support Department has not been able to fix quickly! – Stone Ambulance Service

Product Suggestions Are Always Taken Seriously

Your voice is important to us. Suggestions, feedback, or critique that you offer help us refine our product to better suit you. In fact, most of our product features originated from customer input.

Application Upgrades That Meet Industry Imposed Changes

Take comfort in a decreased risk of outdated software with AIM’s continuously upgraded products.

We test every upgrade thoroughly, and update the online help and tutorials accordingly so customers can quickly adapt and move forward with limited interruption. 

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