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EMS Cloud Software

EMS software using cloud technology

Are you still using outdated EMS software? If so, it's time to move to EMS Cloud Software!

Experts say that EMS cloud computing is the best and most practical option for businesses these days. Gone are the days of on-site servers, in-house IT techs, and software breeches.

Cloud-based business applications are being rapidly integrated into the business world from the software as a service (SaaS) to the platforms as a service (PaaS). Users can access data and computing power while miles away from the office and rest assured that data is protected and secure.

But can this really work for the healthcare professionals and EMS providers who need highly-sensitive information protected and backup services guaranteed?

The simple answer is YES.

It's understandable that everyone in the healthcare sector has different concerns about privacy and reliability. EMS is a large-volume, high-paced utility with complex communication requirements. There is patient confidentiality to consider and regulations that must be followed. The special needs of healthcare are one reason this industry has lagged behind others in implementing cloud-based software services.

While the shift has lagged, Forbes magazine reports that 83% of healthcare organizations have now moved to cloud technology. Only 6% the providers surveyed stated they were not interested in cloud computing and security.

If your EMS agency is not using EMS cloud software, you're behind the curve.

Avoid being left behind the cloud-based software curve.

EMS is facing larger reimbursement and compliance changes then ever before—you must change in order to grow. You can dig your heels in and cling to the past, but that will not help you as cloud-based tools have overcome concerns over security, availability, performance, and flexibility.

There is a good reason why many medical practices, hospitals, and EMS agencies are willing to trust EMS cloud-based services. EMS Cloud technology is allowing them to augment their capabilities and add value not only for the staff but their patients and community.

EMS has a responsibility to the public that includes keeping their personal information private. At the same time, the EMS community is facing the same budget restrictions and security issues as any other medical business. Healthcare reform is tightening regulations for every discipline including emergency services.

Move your ambulance agency to a trusted EMS cloud-based software. Outdated software that's vulnerable to hackers, expensive to maintain, and continually needing regular manual updates is obsolete.

Higher costs, less reimbursement, tightening regulations, and fewer resources are just a few of the struggles ambulance agencies face. Add outdated software, the upkeep of on-site servers, and disaster recovery problems to the equation, and it's enough to put your company on the brink of disaster.

If data quality and security are not properly protected, they can become real issues that can create a nightmare for your administration if the system goes down, is hacked, or fails without notice.

Moving to an EMS cloud-based software can help you prevent a catastrophic breakdown of EMS technical infrastructure and loss of valuable records.

What's the best EMS cloud software for your agency?

Take your entire workflow—EMS dispatch, ePCR, and billing—to the cloud with AIM's integrated Online Cloud EMS Workflow Software and Services.

AIM Online EMS Cloud Software & Services celebrates over 3 decades of EMS product and service delivery by expanding our EMS product lines and adding contracted services for the EMS & Fire Industry. AIM is a 100% United States privately owned company, with national operations headquartered in Pennsylvania.

We stand out in the emergency care provider and ambulance industry because our EMS software and systems are made possible only through a deep understanding of the EMS industry and decades of experience in information technology (IT), cloud technology, and service delivery.

We know that EMS services vary in structure, size, and call volume, so we make our technology usable, affordable, and expandable for them all.

Our cloud hosting partner, Expedient, is part of a network of nationwide data centers and offers the best in cloud computing, remote data backups, storage networks, and more. Expedient specializes in supporting governmental and healthcare entities that require the highest level of privacy, security, and compliance. Their cloud services paired with our software protects gives you protection against data loss, financial deficit—and directly related—reputation damage.

Learn more about AIM's EMS cloud technology and EMS cloud-based software, and how this powerful duo offers many benefits and features can improve your ambulance agency's efficiency, productivity, and savings. 

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