How AIM's New V6 EMS Billing Software Saves EMS Agencies Money

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computer displayEMS agencies deserve a swift, accurate, and regular billing cycle. EMS operations are facing enough trouble – they shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll be paid for their hard work. 

AIM’s new V6 EMS billing software improves productivity and cash flow in several ways. Fast and accurately entered bills result in optimized revenue cycles. AIM’s EMS billing software also facilitates informed decisions about when and how to send out bills. Finally, intuitive reports and accurate data allow EMS agencies to make timely money-saving adjustments.  

This article outlines the positive impact AIM’s newest V6 EMS billing software can make on EMS revenue cycle management. When it comes to EMS billing, AIM knows that any enhancement, big or small, will have a positive impact, so we constantly strive to make our product better through our customers feedback.

How AIM is Enhancing Their EMS Billing Software

Faster data entry, easier report generation, and enhanced integration are some of the ways AIM has raised the bar for EMS billing software. This section will provide a quick overview of some of the enhancements made to AIM’s EMS billing software in 2022. 

After we discuss some of the latest enhancements, we’ll touch on three reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the value of a highly effective EMS billing operation.

Let’s jump in with several major enhancements to AIM’s new V6 EMS billing software: 

  • Streamlined data entry and quality control, leading to faster payment.
  • Easy reporting features to measure financial success.
  • Integrated software: Dispatch, ePCR and Billing – all working together.

Below, we’ll highlight each of these in more detail, giving you the full picture of what enhanced EMS billing software can do for you. 

Faster Ambulance Reimbursement with Streamlined EMS Billing Data Entry 

AIM’s enhanced billing software has made it possible to maximize turnaround time on payments by improving the speed and quality of data entry. Part of AIM’s secret to success is considering even the minute details.

The goal is to make the biller’s life easier, so quality bills get out faster, and EMS companies get paid sooner. 

Here are several ways AIM has improved data entry for ambulance billing: 

  • Intuitive keyboard strokes. Even something as small as the number of times a biller reaches for their mouse can be taxing. AIM’s new EMS billing software has enhanced keyboard navigation and shortcuts, allowing billers to stay in their workflow and get more done in less time with less work.  
  • Auto-fill settings. Seamless connectivity from the patient's account and their individual bill, ensure information like demographics can be easily auto-populated, reducing the need to redundantly input data. As we’ll talk about later, integration between the full suite of AIM products (Dispatch, ePCR, etc.) allows for an even easier time gathering accurate information and ensuring the best bill is sent. 
  • Clear payer verification status. AIM’s EMS billing software will keep track of when payers were verified, allowing billers to save time by reducing redundant procedures. 
  • Sophisticated quality control. EMS software that catches the mistakes before the bill is sent. This reduces stress during audits and leads to reduced turnaround time and less time correcting mistakes.
  • Easily select diagnostic codes. AIM keeps all codes updated and easy to select, saving EMS billers the hassle of looking them up. AIM keeps these numbers current so that billers can find the information they need. 
  • Auto download and print. Bills will be automatically saved, downloaded, and printed. AIM’s billing software automates whenever possible, while also giving the company control of the process. We understand that every billing department will have slightly different methods, so we give EMS billing operations the ability to customize features when needed. 
  • Build work queues. When you need to get bills out the door, it’s great to have your bills just a click away. You can configure the software to a direct workflow, ensuring the bills that need to get out aren’t delayed and that no bills are lost. If you’re waiting on key information, you can set the bill to come back into focus later. 

EMS providers need to get paid for the work they do. AIM is here to provide ambulance services and EMS departments with the maximum possible revenue.

EMS Billing Reports Made Easy

For EMS companies, certain ambulance transports can present question marks when it comes to payment. Sometimes, specific areas are losing the EMS agency money. However, when EMS providers are aware of these issues, they can redirect resources (such as community paramedics) to correct the problem.

In many billing services, it’s a tedious process to pull the required information and build a quality report. AIM’s EMS billing software makes reports simple, with many standardized reports that allow ambulance services to find the information they need. No searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Here are a few components of AIMs reporting capabilities within their EMS billing software:

  • Operational dashboard 
  • Practical report templates 

We explore these in more depth below.

Operational Dashboard 

The dashboard provides a quick and detailed overview of an EMS agency’s billing performance. This dashboard lists accounts receivable, outstanding bills, and other metrics that will help EMS companies gauge the health of their billing department. 

Standard reports are still available when needed, but the dashboard provides fast facts. Similar to using a forecast app on a cell phone to get a quick and detailed glimpse of the coming weather, EMS companies can use the dashboard to read the condition of their EMS billing department.

Clear Report Templates  

When EMS companies need to do a more in-depth dive into their billing department, they need the tools to do it accurately. Knowing the ins and outs of your own EMS billing department will give you the best chances to make positive changes when needed. 

Our reports allow ambulance companies to easily access the information they need without worrying about unnecessary, disorganized data. It’s easy to filter out the requested parameters, so you can get the numbers you need.  

If you’d like to learn about more specific EMS billing enhancements, you can read our article on premium billing software updates for 2022. Below, we look at one more things that sets 2023 AIM’s V6 EMS billing software apart.

Integrated EMS Software Systems: Everyone Speaking the Same Language  

With AIM, customers who choose the full suites of software systems - ePCR software, billing software, and dispatch software - can use these various systems to share authorized information with the other platforms.

If the EMTs and paramedics already recorded demographic information in the field as part of their care report, then there’s no reason a biller should have to spend the time re-inputting this information. 

The idea of seamless integration, or workflow, has been building momentum in many industries, and EMS is no exception. Many are familiar with the benefits of integration, but to some, integration is a vague term. Let’s quickly touch on why integration is so powerful.

Integration can mean slightly different things to different people, but at its core integration is about communication. Communication is the bedrock of an organization. Within an EMS company, there is no reason for there to be walls within – everyone should be able to freely share information when authorized and needed. 

Let’s touch on cloud-based services, and why they play a key role in communication and integration.

Cloud-based Software for EMS Billing – Access from Anywhere 

Cloud-based technology has taken integration to the next level. Not only can the billing department communicate with the dispatchers or the road crews at ease, but this information can all be accessed from the palm of your hand. 

There is no need to have large in-house servers, nor is there any need to download software onto your devices, all you need to do is access the software through the webpage. This allows you to bookmark the software and access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Here are a few reasons cloud computing is so powerful: 

  • First, it’s faster. There is no need to power up the computer that has the software downloaded; all you need to do is access the software from an internet connection. This means you could gain access from any device. 
  • Improved security. Many people worry about security with cloud-based software. This is a common misconception. The cloud is very secure. There is no risk of losing a device that had private information downloaded. Everything can be accessed remotely, and there’s a team constantly updating the software and making security improvements. 
  • Less heavy lifting. Gone are the days when a tech needs to be on hand constantly, updating software and tweaking things. There are no onsite servers with cloud software – everything happens over the internet. This reduces the maintenance burden on the EMS department.

If you’re curious to learn more, read our article on how cloud-based services will make your ambulance agency better.

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Your Ambulance Billing Software

Many ambulance providers understand the power of good EMS billing software, and how it can make their jobs easier. But let’s outline why an optimized EMS billing department is a crucial pillar in the foundation of EMS. 

Reasons to optimize your EMS billing department: 

  • Accurate, timely reimbursement. Inaccurate, sloppy bills do not result in rapid reimbursement. A misfiring EMS billing department will cause a backup in revenue. The EMS billing department must be optimized for the agency to be financially healthy.
  • Reduced headache in the office. You have enough to worry about in the field. Amidst supply chain issues, and paramedic shortages, you don’t need to add poor billing to your list of trials.
  • More coordination of service and understanding where the money goes. Integration of your billing will only lead to better working relationships in the company and an easier workday for everyone. Furthermore, clear financial reports will allow departments to make adjustments as needed.

To discover ways of easing stress, take a moment to read our article on strategies for EMS cost-reductionNow, it’s time for our key takeaway. 

Key Takeaway: AIM’s new V6 EMS Billing Software

Times are hard for EMS. To overcome the obstacles, AIM recognizes that EMS needs innovation on par with all other healthcare fields, and that good billing software is a key part of this equation.

AIM has been providing EMS billing software and billing services for over three decades – we listen to the needs of ambulance companies, and answer with strong products. Just take a moment to read these case studies and see why AIM has over 94 percent customer retention. 

AIM would love to talk to you. Please don’t hesitate to fill out this contact form to begin the discussion. Or you can give AIM a call at this number: (800) 726-4690. We would be happy to listen to your needs, answer any questions, and provide a straightforward demonstration of our enhanced billing products.


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