EMS Cloud-Based Software Will Make Your Ambulance Agency Better

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Are you still using outdated EMS software? If so, it's time to move to EMS Cloud Software! Experts say that EMS cloud computing is the best and most practical option for businesses these days. Gone are the days of on-site servers, in-house IT techs, and software breeches. Cloud-based business applications are being rapidly integrated into the business world from the software as a service (SaaS) to the platforms as a service (PaaS). Users can access data and computing power while miles away from the office and rest assured that data is protected and secure. But can this really work for the healthcare professionals and EMS providers who need highly-sensitive information protected and backup services guaranteed? The simple answer is YES.

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Using EMS Software to Elevate Your Agency’s Workflow

As an EMS agency facing a wide range of challenges every day, it can be difficult to make ends meet. EMS patient care costs are constantly increasing, while federal and state regulations continue to multiply—making it more difficult than ever to improve profit margins and guarantee that your agency receives sufficient reimbursement for each trip.

COVID-19 Cleaning Practices for EMS Billing Offices

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Explore our EMS office disinfecting strategies to help keep your EMS billing staff safe. Coronavirus created a sense of panic, leaving some businesses and companies unable to even revisit their offices to collect necessary belongings. Since the staff members have left the office, with minimal notice, the condition in which the offices/desks were left could have created a worse scene for a crew, or a nightmare for when EMS billers return. The strategy in disinfecting office space is similar to home and office settings.

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Work From Home Best Practices for EMS Billers

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Working from home now? Here are some remote working best practices for EMS billers to consider. Many organizations, including EMS billing offices, are working through unprecedented changes right now, leaving employees feeling anxious and overwhelmed — especially if they are unexpectedly “forced” to work from home.

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Changes in Ambulance Dispatch Operations Due to COVID-19 Quarantine

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How should an ambulance dispatch center handle operations and processes during a pandemic? Ambulance dispatch services are a central operation that must continue during any disaster, including the current day COVID-19 or coronavirus outbreak. As the pandemic continues, questions and uncertainties arise, including how ambulance dispatch center operations and processes should be handled. With ever-changing CDC guidelines, understanding the need for changes and compliance is key.

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Working From Home

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Ambulance Billing Best Practice: Review EMS Billing Basics for Hospice Transports

Ambulance Billing & EMS Best Practices

This blog post is part of a series that addresses ambulance billing best practices. Our ambulance billing blog series highlights tips and insights to help you improve ambulance billing efficiency, lower ambulance claim rejections, and get reimbursed faster.

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How Holding January 2020 Claims Could Reduce EMS Agencies Exposure to Deductibles

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The new year is quickly approaching—that means new deductibles. How does your EMS Agency plan to handle exposure to deductibles this January? There is no way to completely alleviate the reduction of revenue your EMS agency will experience from deductibles, but there are ways to reduce your exposure. For instance, it's a common EMS billing practice to hold January Medicare Part B claims for 3-4 weeks before submitting. Sometimes it's longer, depending on the length of time that crossover takes. Doing this helps to reduce exposure to deductibles that minimize the number of patient pay claims. In other words, to reduce your exposure to deductibles, don't file too early in the year.

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#BillersRule: Let’s make this happen!

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There needs to be a day or a hashtag that celebrates EMS billers, the unsung heroes! #BillersRule #EMSBillers

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American Ninja EMS Billers

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What an episode of American Ninja EMS Billers might be like!

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